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acerbity 1. कठोरपन "I'm disgusted by her acrebity."

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11. Acerbity: a harsh or sharp quality.

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13. Acerbity - a rough and bitter manner

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16. ‘exuberance sharpened by blunt wit and Acerbity’.

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18. What does Acridity mean? Bitterness or acerbity

19. Nouns for Acerbic include acerbities, acerbitude, acerbitudes and acerbity

20. Acerbity is a kind of bitter, critical humour.

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22. His acerbity to his daughter came home to roost.

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30. The man screamed at his wife with an Acerbity

31. Examples of Acerbity in a Sentence the customer made his displeasure known with more Acerbity than was necessary Recent Examples on the Web Rarely does a reviewer convey her opinion of a book’s strengths and weaknesses with such grace and Acerbity.

32. 34 synonyms for Acidity: sourness, bitterness, sharpness, pungency, tartness, acerbity, acridness

33. Harshness, bitterness, or severity Acerbity of temper, of language, of pain

34. The Acerbity in the teacher’s tone made the small child cry

35. ‘their relationship was built on a certain mutual Acerbity

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37. The Acerbity of the editorials in the Patriot did not decrease

38. "Oh, be quiet, Paul," Monica said, with unaccustomed Acerbity.

39. 10 synonyms for Acridity: acerbity, acidity, causticity, corrosiveness, mordacity, mordancy, sarcasm

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44. With great Acerbity, the coach reprimanded his star player for missing curfew

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48. Using it will make your skin moistened and white, free from and acerbity.

49. Get up in the morning acid of lumbar acerbity backache, shoulder, a headache?

50. Acerbity definition: a sharp bitterness synonyms: bitter, bitterness antonyms: good nature, alkalinity, pleasant