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acoustics 1. ध्वनि~के~लिए~उत्तम "The acoustics of the new concert hall are excellent."

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1. Acoustics synonyms, Acoustics pronunciation, Acoustics translation, English dictionary definition of Acoustics

2. Screens (acoustics)

3. Room acoustics Room acoustics can completely alter speech reception.

4. A room like this has acoustics, this one very good acoustics.

5. GIK Acoustics is known for its expert room Acoustics advice and as a

6. Acuteness: In musical acoustics

7. He tested the acoustics (‘perfect’).”

8. The hall has excellent acoustics.

9. The hall has good acoustics.

10. These are acoustic wall art panels used by home-owners, designers, architects, and engineers alike to control noise and absorb sound for purposes of restaurant Acoustics, office Acoustics, school Acoustics, lecture halls, church Acoustics, and many other rooms.

11. Time-reversed acoustics in biomedical imaging

12. In turn, the flame affects the acoustics.

इसके बावजूद यह मन्दिर पर्यटकों को आकर्षित करता है।

13. Consultancy in the field of acoustics

14. Engineering relating to acoustics, electroacoustics and light

15. Improving your studio Acoustics just got easier

16. Bruce Lindsay created “Lindsay’s Wheel of Acoustics

17. Bubos has a glorious history in acoustics

18. Acoustics are fundamentally important to learning environments

19. Spaces tend to include noise and acoustics.

20. Seek acoustics reduction with minimized performance degradation

21. The acoustics of this theater are admirable.

22. Panels for adjusting room acoustics (not of metal)

23. Public relations, in particular for hearing aid acoustics

24. Keywords: acoustics, muffler , transfer matrix[], plane wave.

25. Keywords: fracture permeability, borehole acoustics, fracture hydrology.

26. Engineering in the field of psycho-acoustics

27. Acoustics is one of AECOM’s specialist areas

28. The Master Handbook of Acoustics by F

29. The acoustics is a branch of physical.

30. No, Q Acoustics was founded by professional businessmen

31. The “Wheel of Acoustics” was created by R

32. Acoustics (ISSN 2624-599X) is a peer-reviewed open access journal of Acoustics science and engineering published quarterly online by MDPI.

33. Fire tests, research in the field of acoustics

34. Lecture Hall Auditorium JumpSeat Multipurpose Acoustics Auditorium Seating

35. The Graduate Program in Acoustics at Penn State is a unique interdisciplinary program leading to master’s and doctoral degrees in Acoustics

36. Furniture system for influencing the acoustics of a room

37. Master degree, majoring in electronical engineering, acoustics or physics.

38. The arena is known for its outstanding acoustics.

39. The acoustics of this concert hall are excellent.

40. Q Acoustics is not like other loudspeaker companies

41. Thick curtains cover the windows to improve the acoustics.

42. The acoustics of the new concert hall are excellent.

43. 2 The auditorium has comfortable seating and modern acoustics.

44. The acoustics were considered among the best of the time.

45. Seats are small but plush, and the acoustics are excellent.

46. Acoustics laboratories and testing services for noise-related characteristics

47. Auralization is an important tool for room acoustics study.

48. Baritone acoustics, on the other hand, have been around …

49. The importance of Acoustics is not limited to classrooms.

50. The acoustics of the room have been expertly planned.