acidic in Hindi

acidic 1. अम्लीय, खट्टा "Some fruit juices are very acidic."

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1. +1 Acidic Cell +2 Acidic Cell +3 Acidic

2. UN3261 – Corrosive solid, acidic, organic, N.O.S. – replaces UN1759 for acidic organic substances.

3. acidic pickling solutions

4. Electrolytic bath for preparing acidic water and method for using acidic water

5. Corrosive liquid, acidic, organic

6. Acidic hard surface cleaners



9. Acidic liquid toilet bowl cleaner

10. In water it is acidic.

11. It tastes a little acidic.

12. Does acidic soil preserve well?

13. Acidic definition is - acid-forming

14. Cleaning preparations namely acidic cleaners

15. Acidic cleaners for industrial purposes

16. In chemistry, something that's Acidic

17. Acidic content, the whole works

18. Acidic bodies are unhealthy bodies

19. Corrosive liquid, acidic, organic, n.o.s.


21. Acidic hard-surface antimicrobial cleaner

22. Longer steeping times can also affect how Acidic a tea is, especially if it’s already fairly Acidic

23. Protective coatings for acidic active ingredients

24. Sometimes coffee can be really acidic.

25. Practice: Acidic, basic, and Amphoteric oxides

26. Acidic insulin preparations with improved stability

27. Some fruit juices are very acidic.

28. However, the evaporation of liquid water from cloud droplets may later convert these acidic droplets into acidic aerosols.

29. ‘Acidic foods and Acidic wines often go well together; like a salad and Beaujolais.’ ‘These dark, medium rich, raisiny wines retain their Acidic verve with age.’ ‘It was a mixture of oily-like stench with a blend of sour, Acidic taste to it.’

30. Acidophilia, acidophile: preference of acidic conditions.

31. - Acidic Fog and Septoria betulae Pass.

32. Acidic (comparative more Acidic, superlative most Acidic) ( chemistry ) Having a pH less than 7, or being sour , or having the strength to neutralize alkalis , or turning a litmus paper red

33. As of January #; before use ACID RAIN. Deposition of acidic pollutants from precipitation, smog or other acidic particular matter

34. In acidic solution, Bromites decompose to bromine.

35. Acidophilic, heterotrophic bacteria of acidic mine waters

36. ◦ APIOS-C - Acidic Precipitation in Ontario - Cumulative

37. Method for neutralization of organophilic acidic compounds

38. Carbonated drinks are acidic , and slightly safer.

39. How to use Acidic in a sentence.

40. Process and device for scrubbing acidic gases

41. Device for detecting leakage of acidic solution

42. From the Cambridge English Corpus The Acidic

43. Extract oils (coal), acidic, tar-base free;

44. Undiluted fruit juices are acidic in nature.

45. Magnolias fare best in acidic, loose soil.

46. Some fruit juices taste a bit acidic.

47. It's like something acidic... or toxic decomposition.

48. Lead is more solvent in acidic water.

49. For acidic toilet cleaners, the applicant may use, for example, the IKW test for acidic toilet cleaners published in SÖFW Journal

50. Tips to protect your teeth from Acidic drinks: