acetylene in Hindi

acetylene 1. एसीटिलीन{गैस) "Acetylene burns with bright flame that helps in cutting and welding."

Sentence patterns related to "acetylene"

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1. Acetylene burners, acetylene generators

2. Acetylene burners, Acetylene burners

3. Acetylene is called D.A.— Dissolved Acetylene

4. Incandescent burners, acetylene burners, acetylene generators

5. Polymerisable acetylene composition and acetylene photopolymerisation process

6. Acetylene

7. Acetylene burners, acetylene generators, soldering lamps, gas torch

8. Acetylene generators

9. Acetylene burners

10. Acetylene flares

11. An acetylene torch.

12. EIGA) Acetylene cylinders

13. Hydrogenation of acetylene

14. Flame: air/acetylene


16. Air-acetylene flame

17. Flame: air-acetylene

18. Dissolved acetylene is also very useful for acetylene welding or Autogenous soldering.

19. Acetylene cleaning apparatus

20. Oxy-acetylene welding apparatus

21. Oxy-acetylene welding machines

22. An acetylene torch would.

23. Acetylene generators, gas generators

24. Construction of Acetylene Cylinder

25. Acetylene burners, alcohol burners

26. Oxygen acetylene welding cutters

27. Flame: nitrous oxide/acetylene

28. The cutting ratio use of oxygen and acetylene is approximately two oxygen: one acetylene.

29. The cutting ratio use of oxygen and acetylene is approximately two oxygen: one acetylene

30. Burners, namely gas-oxygen or gas-air burners, in particular acetylene-oxygen burners, acetylene-compressed air burners, acetylene-suction air burners, welding torches

31. Lathe, vise, acetylene torch.

32. Always light the acetylene first

33. About Acetylene; 1 cubic meter of Acetylene weighs 1.165 kilograms [kg] 1 cubic inch of Acetylene weighs 0.000673413 ounce [oz] Acetylene weighs 0.001165 gram per cubic centimeter or 1.165 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e

34. At the end of the heading replace “pressure receptacles for acetylene” by “acetylene cylinders”.

35. Acetylene in Issaquah on

36. How about an acetylene torch?

37. Acetylene torches, a drill, tools.

38. In the case of pressure receptacles for compressed gases # acetylene, dissolved, and # acetylene, solvent free, the working

39. Chemical Properties of Acetylene 3

40. Periodic inspection of acetylene cylinders

41. Always light the acetylene first;

42. Fixed acetylene air suction burners

43. Use an oxidising air-acetylene flame.

44. Face, give us that acetylene torch.

45. We're gonna need the acetylene torch.

46. Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting machines

47. The effects in two kinds of flames were compared, i.e. in N2O-acetylene and air-acetylene.

48. Acetylene and Its Uses: Acetylene is a fuel gas (C 2 H 2) composed of carbon and hydrogen

49. Pressure receptacle filled with # acetylene, dissolved, and # acetylene, solvent free shall not be transported in a salvage packaging

50. For acetylene and acetylene gas mixtures all bundled pressure receptacles shall be transported in a vertical position.