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acquaintance 1. परिचित "I met an acquaintance in the market." 2. परिचय "I have little acquaintance with the Russian language."

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1. Acquaintance synonyms, Acquaintance pronunciation, Acquaintance translation, English dictionary definition of Acquaintance

2. Made Acquaintance synonyms, made Acquaintance pronunciation, made Acquaintance translation, English dictionary definition of made Acquaintance

3. Divide Acquaintance into syllables: ac-quaint-ance Stressed syllable in Acquaintance: ac-quaint-ance How to pronounce Acquaintance: uh-kweyn-tns How to say Acquaintance: How to pronounce Acquaintance

4. See also: Acquaintance, nod a nodding Acquaintance with

5. Short Acquaintance brings repentance

6. Short acquaintance brings repentance.

7. They renewed their acquaintance.

8. An old acquaintance?

9. He's an acquaintance of sorts...

10. Acquaintance has developed into friendship.

11. He's just a business Acquaintance

12. He's just a business acquaintance.

13. Acquaintance definition: An Acquaintance is someone who you have met and know slightly , but not well

14. — Use Acquaintance in a sentence

15. Aquaintance ( plural Aquaintances ) Misspelling of acquaintance

16. Cley's closest acquaintance was Councillor Deems.

17. AN ACQUAINTANCE falls to the ground, unconscious.

18. They have little acquaintance with colloquial English.

19. What does Acquaintant mean? (rare) An acquaintance

20. I have some Acquaintance with the Russian

21. Acquaintance: [noun] the state of being acquainted

22. He hoped their acquaintance would develop further.

23. I made his acquaintance at a party.

24. I had little acquaintance with modern poetry.

25. Acquaintance - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

26. Make one's Acquaintance definition is - to meet someone

27. The noun Acquaintance can be countable or uncountable.

28. I shall desire you ofmore acquaintance, good Cobweb

29. I'm delighted to make your acquaintance, Lord Fauntleroy.

30. I shall travel east to make his acquaintance.

31. You can't judge her on such short acquaintance .

32. Ms. Nichols is a writer of my acquaintance.

33. Acquaintance - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

34. I slowly scraped an acquaintance with my neighbours.

35. I am delighted to make your Acquaintance, Mrs

36. Date rape and Acquaintance rape are forms of sexual assault involving coercive sexual activities perpetrated by an Acquaintance of the rape survivor

37. What does Aquaintance mean? Common misspelling of acquaintance

38. He hoped their Acquaintance would develop further

39. He was greeted as an old acquaintance.

40. They developed an acquaintance over the Internet.

41. I have some acquaintance with the Russian.

42. And haply of our old acquaintance tell.

43. A man with whom I had a passing Acquaintance; I first met Simon in 2008 and struck up an Acquaintance with him.

44. The fair is an opportunity to renew Acquaintance with existing customers what a pleasure it had been to renew this old Acquaintance last night, Martina Navratilova renewed Acquaintance with the strip of turf known as Centre Court

45. CM 2264356 She is an old Acquaintance of mine

46. Sadly, my acquaintance with Spanish literature is rather limited.

47. I am delighted to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Baker.

48. Over time, their acquaintance developed into a lasting friendship.

49. I bumped into an old acquaintance on the train.

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