achievement in Hindi

achievement 1. उपलब्धि "Computers can be termed as the greatest scientific achievement of the decade."

Sentence patterns related to "achievement"

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1. Profile ; Achievement + Bloodyminded

2. Certificate of Achievement - Cosmetology

3. She's flaunting her achievement.

4. His achievement gratified his.

5. Anorectic is an achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.It is the opposite achievement of Fatso.

6. Other articles where Achievement is discussed: heraldry: The achievement: The term achievement, properly Armorial achievement, means the whole display showing shield, helmet, crest, mantling, wreath, and, if appropriate, additaments such as a motto and supporters

7. Buzzbomb achievement in PAYDAY 2

8. His achievement is very notable.

9. Mr Koizumi's achievement is threefold.

10. Achievement Award Jayshree Seth, Ph.D.

11. "The AFI Life Achievement Awards".

12. A plaque commemorates the achievement.

13. “The Most Important Typographic Achievement

14. Report one bad, achievement erasure.

15. How to unlock the Charted achievement

16. How to unlock the Cataclysmic achievement

17. "Credulity is an extraordinary achievement

18. " Credulity is an extraordinary achievement

19. How to unlock the Bloodied achievement

20. How to unlock the Accoladed achievement

21. How to unlock the Brinksmanship achievement

22. How to unlock the Backhander achievement

23. How to unlock the Brainpan achievement

24. How to unlock the Artilleryman achievement

25. How to unlock the Acrobatic achievement

26. How to unlock the Craftwork achievement

27. How to unlock the Bravissimo achievement

28. The achievement of this is Autonomy

29. Does divorce interfere with academic achievement?

30. The scientist thirsts after an achievement.

31. It is indeed a remarkable achievement.

32. We mustn't belittle her outstanding achievement.

33. Corruptible is an achievement in Terraria

34. How to unlock the Benchwarmer achievement

35. How to unlock the Beatdown achievement

36. We mustn't Belittle her outstanding achievement

37. Cryptographer achievement in Mass Effect: Andromeda

38. Technically it is an extraordinary achievement.

39. How to unlock the Charted achievement

40. Crafty is an achievement in Terraria

41. Myrtle Wilson's tragic achievement was forgotten.

42. How to unlock the Bass ackwards achievement

43. How to unlock the Barreling Along achievement

44. His greatest achievement is the Banqueting House

45. Blitzed is a GTA 5 Secret Achievement

46. How to unlock the The Aquanaut achievement

47. 3 We mustn't belittle her outstanding achievement.

48. The middling students achievement are heightened distinctly.

49. How to unlock the Bleating Ranker achievement

50. In Fons Trompenaars’ cultural dilemma of achievement vs Ascription, achievement and Ascription are on opposite ends of a continuum