acquainted in Hindi

acquainted 1. परिचित "I am well-acquainted with them."

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1. Aquatinted [acquainted] be acquainted (persons) become acquainted become acquainted with the upbeats and downbeats of the song Become acquainted/familiar with get acquainted + RCM Get acquainted with He was acquainted in the town

2. Acquainted meaning, definition, what is Acquainted: if you are Acquainted with someone, you : Learn more.

3. Getting Better Acquainted

4. Download Acquainted song on and listen Beauty Behind The Madness Acquainted

5. Acquainted: 1 adj having fair knowledge of “they were Acquainted ” “fully Acquainted with the facts” Synonyms: familiar well known or easily recognized

6. Acquainted Chords by The Weeknd

7. What are synonyms for Acquainted?

8. How did they become acquainted?

9. I'm acquainted with the girl.

10. What does Acquaintanced mean? Acquainted

11. Examples of Acquainted in a sentence

12. Synonyms for Acquainted in Free Thesaurus

13. I am acquainted of the facts.

14. Acquainted with (someone or something) 1

15. We got acquainted at the conference.

16. He brought me acquainted with her.

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18. Get Acquainted with Rada Cutlery

19. The Interpretation Of Acquainted With The Night By Robert Frost “The word, “Acquainted” describes the speaker’s connection to “night”

20. I am not acquainted with the lady.

21. How to use Acquainted in a sentence.

22. Acquaintance: [noun] the state of being acquainted

23. He acquainted his classmate with my sister.

24. Word forms: Acquaints, Acquainting, Acquainted 1

25. Are you acquainted with my brother?

26. The 38th annual issue of Get Acquainted

27. Are you Acquainted with my brother? 5

28. At least we're acquainted with the judge.

29. I am well acquainted with her family.

30. Are you fully acquainted with the facts?

31. Are You Acquainted With Shaphan and His Family?

32. Acquainted definition, having personal knowledge as a result of study, experience, etc.; informed (usually followed by with): to be Acquainted with law

33. Are you acquainted with the works of Shakespeare?

34. We would like to get better acquainted.

35. She was well acquainted with classical literature.

36. I am not personally acquainted with her.

37. Are you acquainted with my elder sister?

38. “Become acquainted with the lessons the scriptures teach.

39. Acquainted definition: If you are Acquainted with something, you know about it because you have learned it or Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

40. N Acquaintant A person with whom one is acquainted

41. You will soon become fully acquainted with the procedures.

42. It'strue we were acquainted, but no more than that.

43. Who was this “man of sorrows, ... acquainted with grief”?

44. Employees should be fully Acquainted with emergency procedures.

45. Are you fully Acquainted with the facts? 4

46. It's destiny that let us to be acquainted

47. He acquainted his classmate with my younger brother.

48. Adjectives for acquaintance include acquaint, Acquaintanced, acquainted and acquainting

49. The Israelites were acquainted with the process of smelting.

50. What does Acquainted mean? Known by or familiar with another