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acerbic 1. तीखा{स्वभाव) "He is of acrebic temperament."

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1. Acerbic synonyms, Acerbic pronunciation, Acerbic translation, English dictionary definition of Acerbic

2. Dictionary entry overview: What does Acerbic mean? • Acerbic (adjective) The adjective Acerbic has 2 senses:

3. Definition of Acerbic : sharply or bitingly critical, sarcastic, or ironic in temper, mood, or tone Acerbic commentary an Acerbic reviewer Other Words from Acerbic Synonyms Did You Know? More Example Sentences Learn More about Acerbic

4. Acerbic 'Acerbic' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with C Crossword clues for 'Acerbic'

5. Acerbic definition, sour or astringent in taste: Lemon juice is Acerbic

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10. 20 synonyms for Acerb: Acerbic, acetous, acid, acidulous, dry, sour, tangy, tart, Acerbic, astringent

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12. We all appreciate his acerbic wit.

13. Man, I'm acerbic 20-something.

14. As adjectives the difference between Acerbic and acrid is that Acerbic is sour or bitter while acrid is …

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17. Pronunciation of Acerbic and its etymology

18. Angry, acerbic argument was virtually unknown.

19. She said, revealing her acerbic wit.

20. Adjective Acerbic humour is critical and direct.

21. An acerbic comment, would it kill you?

22. Acerbest acerbic acerbically acerbities; Literary usage of Acerate

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29. And don't you dare touch that acerbic wit.

30. Nouns for Acerbic include acerbities, acerbitude, acerbitudes and acerbity

31. Many of my clients would enjoy your acerbic tongue.

32. He was acclaimed for his Acerbic wit and repartee

33. The letter was written in her usual Acerbic style

34. Your acerbic anti-white humour was a constant inspiration.

35. The letter was written in her usual acerbic style.

36. He was acclaimed for his acerbic wit and repartee.

37. An example of something that is Acerbic is a lime.

38. Acerbic Meaning: "sour, harsh, severe" (of speech, manners, etc.), from Latin acerbus "harsh to the taste, sharp, bitter,… See definitions of Acerbic.

39. The definition of Acerbic is a tart or bitter taste

40. • He is known for his Acerbic wit and his mean streak

41. Once again, Malaysia ' s Mahathir Muhammed acerbic tongue has incited controversy.

42. He is known for his acerbic wit and his mean streak.

43. I can hear that you're in your usual acerbic good mood.

44. His lyrics are as acerbic and poignant as they ever have been.

45. 11 synonyms for Acidulous: acerb, acerbic, acetous, acid, dry, sour, tangy, tart, acidulent

46. Samantha is a smart, Acerbic narrator, and her observations about high-school warfare

47. She consistently self-published photostat journals of acerbic and genuinely funny social commentary.

48. 11 synonyms for Acetous: acerb, acerbic, acid, acidulous, dry, sour, tangy, tart, acetose

49. Definition and synonyms of Acerbic from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

50. This is the British English definition of Acerbic.View American English definition of Acerbic.