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ache 1. पीड़ा "My body was in all aches and pains after the accident." ache 1. दर्द~करना "My heart aches on seeing her suffer."

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1. Ache synonyms, Ache pronunciation, Ache translation, English dictionary definition of Ache

2. Ache: Alabama Commission on Higher Education (Montgomery, AL) Ache: Association for Continuing Higher Education: Ache: Air Cargo Handling Equipment: Ache: Assembly Committee on Higher Education (Community College League of California) Ache: Action on Child Exploitation (UK) Ache: ADR Control and Housekeeping Electronics: Ache

3. Königsseer Ache, a tributary; Ramsauer Ache, a tributary; Brixentaler Ache, a tributary of the Inn river, Tyrol

4. ACHE / Acetylcholinesterase Acetylcholinesterase

5. I ache very bad!

6. I ache all over.

7. Related topics: Illness & disability Ache Ache 2 noun [countable] 1 MI a continuous pain that is not sharp or very strong a stomach Ache A dull Ache throbbed at the back of David’s head

8. I have a stomach ache.

मुझे पेट में दर्द हैं।

9. Ache is involved in regulating cell-matrix interactions in bone; Ache activity in the CSF of Alzeimer's disease patients is affected differentially by different Ache inhibitors

10. I ache/I'm aching all over.

11. I got a stomach ache

12. Her joints ache if she exercises.

13. The ache in my head abated.

14. Ache is a tremendous professional organization and the Hawaii-Pacific chapter of Ache is a dynamic chapter

15. Ache for (someone or something) 1

16. She doesn't wheeze, flake, or ache.

17. How they ache to kill him!

वे उसे मारने के लिए तड़प रहे हैं!

18. Mummy, I've got a tummy ache.

19. Some one to soothe away the ache.

20. See also: Ache, for bellyAche 1

21. Ache, a right tributary of the Saar (river) near Weidesheim, France; Ache, a right tributary of the Isar river, Bavaria, Germany; Berchtesgadener Ache, a tributary of the Salzach river, Bavaria, Germany

22. Acetylcholinesterase/ACHE: Products The classical role of ACHE is to terminate cholinergic neurotransmission by hydrolysis of acetylcholine (ACH)

23. Wearing these things makes my shoulders ache.

24. I've had a stomach ache all morning.

25. We hope our partners ache Attachedly at least a little, preferably a little more than we ache in return

26. Acetylcholinesterase (HGNC symbol ACHE; EC, also known as AChE or acetylhydrolase, is the primary cholinesterase in the body

27. Ache definition: If you Ache or a part of your body Aches , you feel a steady , fairly strong pain

28. He has an ache in the back.

29. 16 I ache/I'm aching all over.

30. No. I haven't got a stomach ache.

31. Stomach ache is an additional side effect.

32. Why Does Mousy Have a Stomach ache?

33. I feel a dull ache in the shoulder.

34. He had an awful ache in the belly.

35. She felt an ache in her back.

36. My arms ache from carrying this bag.

37. Eat lollipop much can the tooth ache?

38. The deep melodious ache began in her.

39. Since its discovery in 1914, Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) has attracted attention of many research groups, making AChE one of the most studied proteins

40. Conclusion Psychological nursing may enhance the patient ache effectively the threshold of feeling value, achieves reduces or the alleviation ache effect.

41. Meri koshish yahi rahi hai aur yahi rahegi ki hamare West Bengal Government ke saath ache se ache talukat hon.

मेरी कोशिश यही रही है और यही रहेगी कि पश्चिम बंगाल सरकार के साथ हमारे अच्छे से अच्छे ताल्लुकात हों।

42. Ache' by Osunlade, released 15 October 2019 1

43. If Kutner's right, it's not a tummy ache. It's a fatal brain or heart or lung or liver or pancreas ache.

44. Your muscles will ache, your head will throb.

45. The leg rotted. Fester. Do how. Ache confoundedly!

46. Tim, hey.Um, archer was ache to stop the stroke.

47. You didn't tell me these rows would ache, Ma.

48. Does arm ache did the issue give on bone?

49. Jane stomach ache. So she must take some medicine.

50. A sharp ache developed in her back muscles.