acidity in Hindi

acidity 1. अम्लता "I'm suffering from acidity of the stomach."

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1. Increase titration acidity and actual acidity (decrease in pH).

2. It tests acidity.

3. Increase of titratable acidity and actual acidity (decrease of the pH).

4. Acidity or alkalinity

5. Reduction of the titratable acidity and the actual acidity (increase of the pH).

6. Critical loads of acidity

7. Increasing the titration acidity and the actual acidity (decreasing pH) by adding organic acids.

8. Needle contact angles were highly correlated with fog acidity (R = 0.99), decreasing with increasing acidity.


10. Mr. Kidley's acidity test.

11. Acidimetry (Thesaurus) acidimeter acidity

12. Degree of acidity or alkalinity

13. Acidity (as acetic acid CH3COOH)

14. Acidity, (as acetic acid CH3COOH)

15. Reduction of the titratable acidity and the actual acidity (increase of the pH) by malolactic fermentation.

16. (e) ‘acidity regulators’ are substances which alter or control the acidity or alkalinity of a foodstuff;

17. Acidity symptoms include the following:

18. Acidity, alkalinity and pH value

19. Balanced alcohol-to-acidity ratio.

20. 6 best homeopathy medicine for Acidity

21. Citruses are known for their acidity.

22. Synonyms for Acidity in Free Thesaurus

23. Method 6: Determination of total acidity

24. Causes or etiological factors of Acidity

25. We found 8 answers for “Acidity

26. Acidity alleviation technique using converter slag

27. Acidity has been common now these days, really it cause some havoc because of over secretion of Acidity

28. Most things that contribute to gas also lead to Acidity meaning, gas and Acidity symptoms are almost similar

29. This acidity occurs in forms of free carboxyls and carboxyl esters, analogously to the acidity supplied by polyoses.

30. The shock has given me severe acidity...

31. The acidity test for Mr. Kidley, please.

32. Soil acidity in the soil solid phase

33. The critical load of acidity is the maximum deposition of sulphur and nitrogen not causing harmful leaching of acidity.

34. Catalysts bound with low acidity refractory oxide

35. Soil Acidity: pH ≤ 5 (in water) in topsoil

36. Key words: acidity, gas phase, coulomb, elements, hydride.

37. Weak acidity formulation, geniality, not stimulate the skin.

38. How to use Acidity in a sentence.

39. Acidity, alkalinity and if necessary pH value

40. Virgin olive oil with acidity > 2,0 %

41. Fruity aroma, with a marked, lingering acidity.

42. Medium acidity taste and low bitter taste

43. Method for in-furnace reduction flue gas acidity

44. Medium-late-ripening, medium acidity, high must density

45. These tests shall include the measurement of:-acidity

46. Antiperspirants reduce sweat, and deodorants increase skin acidity

47. Acidity-mitigating construction method using steel converter slag

48. Medium ripening time, low acidity, average must density

49. PH adjustors or acidity/alkalinity increasors and decreasors

50. Acidity gives a wine its tart and sour taste