acquiescence in Hindi

acquiescence 1. प्रसन्नता~पूर्वक~अंगीकार "Her family shall never give acquiescence to inter-caste marriage."

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1. Acquiescence synonyms, Acquiescence pronunciation, Acquiescence translation, English dictionary definition of Acquiescence

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3. Deirdre smiled her acquiescence.

4. Mr. Crawford bowed his acquiescence.

5. --noun (singular: acquiescence; plural: Acquiescences) 1

6. Boundary by Acquiescence and Adverse Possession

7. This is due to his acquiescence.

8. Darcy shook his head in acquiescence.

9. How to use Acquiescence in a sentence.

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11. How are we to explain his limp acquiescence?

बिना कोई एतराज़ उठाए आदम ने अपनी पत्नी की बात क्यों मान ली?

12. Definition of Acquiescence in the dictionary

13. Acquiescence: Passive assent or agreement without protest

14. Acquiescence - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

15. Indulgence, consent, or acquiescence: a “colonel” by Courtesy …

16. He did it under the acquiescence of his boss.

17. The chief inclined his head in sign of acquiescence.

18. Acquiescence = compliance (doing what has been asked) It must have been after midnight, and I was puzzled by his amiable Acquiescence

19. There was general acquiescence in the UN sanctions.

20. 12 synonyms for Amenability: acquiescence, amenableness, compliance, compliancy, deference

21. In The Age of Acquiescence, Steve Fraser explains why

22. Acquiescence relates to inaction during the performance of an act

23. But German acquiescence would be a disastrous result for Europe.

24. Acquiescence in the continued existence of these weapons is intolerable.

25. Acquiescence bias is a real issue in survey research

26. Acquiescence: The IRS Acquiesces in the Tax Court's decision

27. The way of Acquiescence leads to moral and spiritual suicide

28. I was surprised by her acquiescence to/in the scheme.

29. Nouns for Acquiesce include Acquiescence, Acquiescences, Acquiescencies and Acquiescency

30. Acquiescence in her father's wishes had been degradation to herself.

31. Acquiescency (usually uncountable, plural acquiescencies) The quality of being acquiescent; acquiescence

32. Chinese acquiescence could inspire a similar approach to electric vehicles.

33. Acquiescence is one of the notions through which the said paradigm may be materialized.2 In international law, the term ‘Acquiescence’—from the Latin quiescere (to be still)—denotes consent

34. Adverse possession is a very similar doctrine to boundary by Acquiescence

35. Nothing could pass between them without its consent or tacit acquiescence.

36. It is an important source of the acquiescence upon which the constitution stands.

37. ‘What is much more alarming is the apparent Acquiescence - even complicity - of the nation in its own enslavement.’ ‘Nothing less than complete Acquiescence is acceptable within this church of …

38. ‘What is much more alarming is the apparent Acquiescence - even complicity - of the nation in its own enslavement.’ ‘Nothing less than complete Acquiescence is acceptable within this church of …

39. 1) — Limitation in consequence of acquiescence — Concept of acquiescence — Concept of Community law? — Possibility of proceedings under relevant national law, including rules relating to honest concurrent use of two identical marks

40. Amenability: noun accessibleness , acquiescence , adaptability , agreeableness , compliancy, conformability , docility , ductility , flexibility , flexibleness

41. Acquiescence is important to understand when it comes to a party's legal rights

42. James had no better luck in securing the acquiescence of the Anglican gentry.

43. And reluctant acquiescence by some parties would only have led to turmoil.

44. They come to that man or woman who accepts his life with radiant acquiescence.

और जो जिंदगी को उसी रूमानियत के साथ जीना चाहता है।

45. Synonyms for Amenability include receptiveness, willingness, accessibility, acquiescence, compliance, openness, readiness, responsiveness, susceptibility and

46. Their demand was fair, and the chief inclined his head in sign of acquiescence.

47. This was immediately followed by similar declarations or silent acquiescence by other nations.

48. Acquiescence is defined as the act of giving in to something or someone, often a bit reluctantly. An example of Acquiescence is when a teacher gives in to students' requests for extra recess time.

49. Acquiescence definition, the act or condition of acquiescing or giving tacit assent; agreement or consent by silence or without objection; compliance (usually followed by to or in): Acquiescence to his boss's demands

50. Synonyms for Complaisance include accommodativeness, acquiescence, amenability, amiability, compliance, deference, good-naturedness, obligingness, agreeableness and