acrid in Hindi

acrid 1. उग्र~स्वभाव "I don't like Anil's acrid nature." 2. बदबू "I get vomitting sensation when I get the acrid of burning rubber."

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1. A little acrid.

2. That awful, acrid odor.

3. It's an acrid smell.

4. Acridity Meaning: "quality of being acrid," 1799, from acrid + -ity

5. It's strong, it's acrid like wood

6. As adjectives the difference between Acerbic and acrid is that Acerbic is sour or bitter while acrid is …

7. I gulped the acrid liquid.

8. “It was acrid,” her husband James broke in.

9. It's that acrid, tar-like flavor.

10. It's that acrid, tar- like flavor.

11. An acrid smoke filled the room.

12. The chemical has an acrid smell.

13. An acrid smell filled the air.

14. I like essays with an acrid flavour.

15. Afghan has a strong acrid aroma.

16. Acreable Acreage Acred Acredulitare-- acres --Acrid Acrid poison acridid Acrididae Acridity Acridly acridness Acridotheres Acridotheres tristis Acrilan Acrimonious Acrimoniously Acrimoniousness Acrimony Acris Acris crepitans

17. An acrid miasma came from the sewage plant.

18. The room was filled with acrid smoke.

19. Buttercups are acrid in taste, or even poisonous.

20. There is an acrid tone to your remarks.

21. Is that the acrid stink of jealousy I detect?

22. It has no distinctive odor, while the taste is immediately acrid.

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23. Brayerin (a bitter, acrid resin), volatile oil, tannin

24. Clouds of acrid smoke issued from the building.

25. • the fruit was so acrid as to be almost inedible;

26. My nose is still filled with the acrid stench of teen vomit.

27. The room filled with the acrid smell of tobacco.

28. The air is thick with acrid smoke from the fires.

29. But, like the acrid smell, fear still hung in the air.

30. Any harsh, acrid or just disgusting odor sends Rose into nasal shock.

31. Until the mid-nineteenth century, Acrimonious meant the same thing as acrid.

32. When I opened the door, acrid white smoke came billowing out.

33. The sharp acrid smell of gutters choked by the monsoon rain.

34. This produces acrid smoke that stings the eyes and scorches the throat.

35. But the odour of the colourless liquid was of bitter almonds, acrid and terrifying.

36. It is ruby-red, acrid sweet, spicy and with a scent.

37. Lactarius pyrogalus has a very hot, acrid taste and is acidic.

38. I knew I recognized that faint acrid smell from boarding school.

39. White phosphorus is white to yellow soft, waxy phosphorescent solid with acrid fumes.

40. The acrid scent of gunpowder increased with every aimed shot from Draig's corner.

41. The submarine quickly filled with black, acrid smoke and was left without power.

42. Their fragrance is an evolutionary response to the acrid atmosphere on Telemarius IV.

43. He wrinkled his nose in distaste at the acrid smell of the place.

44. 38 synonyms for Corrosive: corroding, wasting, caustic, vitriolic, acrid, erosive, cutting, biting

45. Synonyms for Acerb include sour, acid, sharp, Acerbic, acrid, bitter, tart, acetic, acidic and tangy

46. Synonyms for Acidulous include acid, sour, tart, acerbic, acidic, acerb, acrid, pungent, tartish and vinegary

47. The recirculation system includes an exhaust gas cooler (44), and an acrid debris filter (48).

48. [NSFW] Takes the Acrid model from the femMod and makes her Curvier.

49. 38 synonyms for Corrosive: corroding, wasting, caustic, vitriolic, acrid, erosive, cutting, biting

50. The tiny streets are perfumed by the sweet-acrid smell of the collected grapes.