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acquiescent 1. सहमत~होना "Her parents are too acquiescent for inter-caste marriage."

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1. Acquiescent synonyms, Acquiescent pronunciation, Acquiescent translation, English dictionary definition of Acquiescent

2. Dictionary entry overview: What does Acquiescent mean? • Acquiescent (adjective) The adjective Acquiescent has 1 sense:

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7. Acquiescent 'Acquiescent' is a 11 letter word starting with A and ending with T Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Acquiescent We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Acquiescent will help you to finish your crossword today

8. Character type is Acquiescent empty string, numerical value Acquiescent 0, date acquiesce is systematic date

9. Perhaps you are too acquiescent.

10. Acquiescent Hence, they are more Acquiescent and likely to operate within the parameters set by host countries

11. The state of being Acquiescent.

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14. Skinner, the Acquiescent one, putting his foot down like that! He was full of the new possibilities, and his wife was Acquiescent.

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17. Acquiescent Meaning: "disposed to yield, submissive," 1690s (implied in Acquiescently), from Latin Acquiescentem (nominative… See definitions of Acquiescent.

18. What does Acquiescent mean? Information and translations of Acquiescent in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

19. The peasants proved more acquiescent than had been expected.

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22. An Acquiescent fool for a son-in-law, a kind of gentlemanly valet! Andy shrugged his shoulders, and gave an Acquiescent whistle

23. With his Acquiescent stance he caused reactions and made enemies

24. Really, final user can change acquiescent search engine.

25. Full list of synonyms for Acquiescent is here.

26. They are too law - abiding and to acquiescent.

27. What are another words for Acquiescent? Submissive, obedient, compliant

28. She is too acquiescent , ie too ready to comply.

29. Whose user is much who makes acquiescent standard possibly.

30. Far from being unctuous Pat was always loath to appear acquiescent.

31. I will not have her think me acquiescent in her schemes.

32. Arabic words for Acquiescent include مذعن and ميال للقبول

33. He is of the acquiescent rather than the militant type.

34. Clew: After enabling this strategy to install, the user will not undertake installing to Acquiescent homepage, so if need, the user must appoint an Acquiescent

35. The Democrats, then the freer - trading party, were unusually acquiescent.

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37. • Clara switches from being aggressive to being Acquiescent and Lucio does the reverse

38. 36 synonyms for Acquiescent: submissive, agreeing, accepting, approving, yielding, consenting

39. Synonyms for Acquiescent are for example accommodating , amenable and biddable .

40. Amiables are sometimes seen by others as compliant, softhearted, and acquiescent

41. • I will not have her think me Acquiescent in her schemes

42. But this Acquiescent murmur made him long to smooth it down

43. His Duma is much like the Duma of Nicholas II, docile and acquiescent.

44. He was eager to learn and yet he was not Acquiescent

45. My brother is of the acquiescent rather than the militant type.

46. Acquiescency (usually uncountable, plural acquiescencies) The quality of being acquiescent; acquiescence

47. The said Acquiescent tends to be caught off-guard upon hearing they have been called an Acquiescent, and thus, become even more so when they do not understand the meaning of the word in immediacy.

48. Synonyms for Complying include acquiescent, consenting, compliant, agreeable, submissive, amenable, pliant, yielding, acceding and assenting

49. Early 17th century from Latin Acquiescent- ‘remaining at rest’, from the verb acquiescere (see acquiesce).

50. Straus saw in this Acquiescent mood a chance to appeal directly to President Wilson.; In this election the opponents of his father's policy were Acquiescent rather than content.; Doubtless some of the Acquiescent wights entertained a vague wonder how the army contrived to fare onward bereft of his advice.