acquire in Hindi

acquire 1. अर्जन~करना "The company has just acquired a further 10% of the shares."

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1. Acquire and hold either in the name of the company - legal Acquire for Acquire meaning Acquire over - financial Acquire prestige Acquire proficiency in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Acquire rubber necks Acquire the best Acquire the target Acquire title to - legal Acquire/ gain memory Adquirir = Purchase / Acquire approach to Acquire technique information

2. Acquire 8,842 followers on LinkedIn

3. A 2018-10-15: I would suggest: Did you Acquire a A 2017-06-13: bei Aktien: to Acquire / purchase A 2015-09-14: to Acquire sb's ideas: maybe this A 2015-04-26: Acquire / establish / make new contacts A 2014-11-24: to Acquire / get / organise

4. Philips to acquire Biotelemetry, Inc

5. Acquire Meaning: "to get or gain, obtain," mid-15c., acqueren, from Old French aquerre "Acquire, gain, earn, procure"… See definitions of Acquire.

6. He also urged: “Acquire wisdom . . .

उसने यह भी कहा: “बुद्धि को प्राप्त कर, . . .

7. Acquire a Heart Agreeable to Jehovah

ऐसा हृदय पाइए जिसे यहोवा स्वीकार करे

8. Louis Ambush acquire goalkeeper matt perrella

9. We should acquire more firsthand information.

10. What does Acquire mean? The definition of Acquire means to get or to come into control of something

11. Synonyms for Acquire in Free Thesaurus

12. The robot can acquire the object.

13. Students examined how children acquire language.

14. How can we acquire spiritual discernment?

15. Acquire is headquartered in San Francisco.

16. You can acquire a pirate ship!

17. • Acquire guide star and activate guiding

18. You acquire the relationship with the company.

19. Acquire definition: If you Acquire something, you buy or obtain it for yourself, or someone gives it to you

20. To Acquire wealth is difficult, to pre

21. So how do you acquire this information?

22. And from this resolve, we acquire charity.

23. 25 Emap will acquire nominal net assets.

24. Acquire is a multi-level marketing company

25. Learners of languages acquire vocabulary through practice.

26. Article Columbus McKinnon to Acquire Dorner Manufacturing

27. Acquire, obtain, gain, get, win, earn, secure

28. Why can't NC acquire a gorilla too?


‘बुद्धि प्राप्त कर और शिक्षा को पकड़े रह’

30. What is one way to acquire courage?

31. How do the cells acquire positional information?

32. Consciously trying to acquire humility is also problematic.

33. Firms may use alliances to acquire its partner.

34. Tell how one can acquire good sense stress.

35. I tried to acquire the information I needed.

36. Less formally educated people can acquire professional competence.

37. Bush had managed to acquire United Nations imprimatur.

38. Other Cells acquire specialized functions as they mature.

39. You Acquire an education by your own effort

40. Use item to acquire the baby Brachiosaur minion.

41. Have both decided to acquire their largest Bottlers

42. Grifols to acquire remaining stock of Alkahest, Inc

43. They used every stratagem to acquire the company.

44. What does Aquire mean? Common misspelling of acquire

45. Great deals on Acquire Vintage Manufacture Board Games

46. 19 Learners of languages acquire vocabulary through practice.

47. It's becoming increasingly difficult to acquire academic tenure .

48. (verb) An example of Acquire is to receive

49. However, we alone determine the reputation that we acquire.

50. Acquire the csec english Apast papers Page 1/39