anguish in Hindi

anguish 1. मानसिक वेदना, कष्ट "I saw him in a state of anguish."

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1. Anguish definition: Anguish is great mental suffering or physical pain

2. He groaned in anguish.

3. This skill creates a Spirit of Anguish that uses the Anguish attack skill

4. What does Anguish mean? Anguish is defined as causing or feeling extreme pain or worry

5. Anguish definition, excruciating or acute distress, suffering, or pain: the Anguish of grief

6. His eyes reflected his anguish.

7. With faces inflamed by anguish.

8. Anguishing meaning Present participle of anguish.

9. Gazʹa will feel great anguish,

10. Anguished definition is - suffering anguish : tormented

11. Tears of Anguish filled her eyes

12. No pain, no anguish, no anxiety.

13. Mark looked at him in anguish.

14. Tears of anguish filled her eyes.

15. Anguish (countable and uncountable, plural Anguishes)

16. The anguish crept into his voice.

17. The unspeakable anguish wrung his heart.

18. She gave a wail of anguish.

19. How to use Anguish in a sentence

20. His mouth felt dry with anguish.

21. 7 From anguish my eyes grow dim,+

22. He bellows, rends the air with anguish.

23. I wouldn't want sadden you with anguish.

24. Players can attach an Anguish ornament kit, obtained from master clue scrolls, to create a necklace of Anguish (or).

25. Everquest Zone Information for Asylum of Anguish

26. It is the apex of mental anguish.

27. Can you not feel the writer’s anguish?

28. His anger and anguish clearly went deep.

29. He let out a howl of anguish.

30. Anguish definition is - extreme pain, distress, or anxiety

31. She cried out for anguish at parting.

32. In silent anguish, on her husband's bier!

33. The rewards of motherhood outweigh the anguish.

34. Anguish Meaning: "acute bodily or mental suffering," from Old French anguisse, angoisse "choking sensation, distress,… See definitions of Anguish.

35. As a verb Anguish is to suffer pain.

36. Some were written in anguish, others in hope.

37. Suffer agony or anguish Familiarity information: Agonise used …

38. Putting it off can unduly prolong the anguish.

39. 13 She cried out for anguish at parting.

40. Simply put, Anguish can refer to being in severe pain, and it is important to note that Anguish can be mental and physical.

41. The world is fed on anguish and absurdity.

42. In her Anguish she forgot to leave a message

43. What a singular human anguish in this animal kingdom !

जंगल राज में एक अकेले मानव की यह पीड कितनी मर्मस्पर्शी है !

44. Rebekah felt unbearable anguish over her son Esau’s wives.

45. Suffer agony or anguish Familiarity information: Agonize used as a …

46. Anguish: a state of great suffering of body or mind

47. Without the 'eternal' would not have "Anguish"

48. 6 Because of them, peoples will be in anguish.

49. Power alternates with ritual solemnity, rather than genuine anguish.

50. In her anguish she forgot to leave a message.