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anodyne 1. नीरस "He writes anodyne articles." 2. पीडा नाशक "I gave him an anodyne tablet for headache."

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1. Anodyne Corporation, also known as Anodyne Medical Services Corp., Anodyne Homemaker Services Corp

2. An anodyne so sweet.

3. We found 38 answers for “Anodyne

4. 2 synonyms for Analgetic: analgesic, anodyne

5. Examples of Anodyne in a sentence

6. Relaxing: Anodyne novels about country life.

7. Their quarterly meetings were anodyne affairs.

8. He took some anodyne to relieve the pain.

9. Even an anodyne diplomatic statement looks hard.

10. Anodyne is here for you 24/7/365

11. Anodyne Therapy to treat their pain and discomfort.

12. Eat anodyne what to side effect there is?

13. This is daytime television at its most anodyne.

14. What does Anodyne mean? The definition of Anodyne is something that eases pain, or something or someone that is relaxing or lacks vigor

15. In Anodyne, you begin with 6 full life bars

16. Definition of Anodyne adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

17. The introductions in both books are anodyne and brief.

18. Curiously anodyne music from heroes that hip-hop forgot.

19. Analgesic, Analgetic, anodyne (adj) capable of relieving pain "the anodyne properties of certain drugs"; "an analgesic effect" How to pronounce Analgetic?

20. Antalgic ( plural Antalgics ) Any medicine to alleviate pain; an anodyne

21. Anodyne by melos han-tani, released 04 February 2013 1

22. Anodyne, their 1993 release, was widely considered their definitive work

23. 27 synonyms for Anaesthetic: painkiller, narcotic, sedative, opiate, anodyne, analgesic

24. The Anodyne ® Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices used to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm – and are manufactured in Tampa, Florida by Anodyne

25. Search the wide variety of stylish Anodyne diabetic shoes for women

26. It was their delight, their folly, their anodyne, their intellectual stimulant.

27. Anodyne 2 is a deeply personal 2D and 3D adventure filled with whimsical mystery, and there’s no need to have played the first Anodyne to enjoy the sequel

28. * Features an original, 60+ minute soundtrack, to accompany the world of Anodyne.

29. Friendship is not only the condiment but also the anodyne of life.

30. Anodyne Independent Living Specialists provides services throughout Phoenix and its surrounding areas

31. Although rejected in favour of an anodyne text, this idea was significant.

32. Anodin ( feminine singular Anodine, masculine plural anodins, feminine plural Anodines ) ( pharmacology) anodyne

33. In essence, they are largely Anodyne affairs and an opportunity for leaders to fire up the troops before going into battle.: The whole film strays dangerously close to Anodyne children's television fare at this stage.: That memoir has now become an even more Anodyne film, to be released in Britain next week.: The film is a cute, Anodyne fantasy of 70s rock, based on his adventures as a kid

34. 🔊 The soft music is the perfect Anodyne to help me relax after

35. Anodyne, (Dublin, Ireland) early releases trace back to 1999 on Manchester based Skam records

36. Does anodyne feed much meeting do 5 meetings have good mate action to wear?

37. Anodyne is a Nadcap certifield metal finisher that offers an extensive array of processes and services

38. Does dysmenorrhoea eat anodyne what to side effect have to the body? Is opposite Yo influential?

39. Synonyms for Alleviating include palliative, calming, soothing, calmative, lenitive, alleviative, alleviatory, anodyne, demulcent and mitigatory

40. And Anodyne Health Care Services, is a home health care service offering: skilled nursing care

41. Anodyne was my first job in Boston, It s a pleasure to serve their clients

42. The only consultations now were with Beckman's market research consultancy over anodyne questions of marketing.

43. 🔊 Because my aunt has terminal cancer, she often uses marijuana as an Anodyne for pain

44. Somehow this avoids being just another silly pop song with anodyne lyrics about love and happiness.

45. The best part of Anodyne is they always have work for you! Home Health Aide Employee.

46. The doctor promised to give me a strong Anodyne to relieve the throbbing in my neck

47. Anodyne is a diabetic footwear company bringing an unparalleled collection of therapeutic footwear to the market.

48. I could modify a series of anodyne relays, attach them directly to the robot's power module.

49. Many of them read the Financial Times and seem to to anodyne things written by me.

50. Anodyne is a unique Zelda-like game, influenced by games such as Yume Nikki and Link's Awakening