announce in Hindi

announce 1. घोषणा~कर "She announced the withdrawl of her financial support to the institute."

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1. Announce synonyms, Announce pronunciation, Announce translation, English dictionary definition of Announce

2. Verbs for announce include announce, announced, announces, Announcest, announceth and announcing

3. Verbs for announce include announce, announced, announces, announcest, Announceth and announcing

4. Announce Meaning: "proclaim, make known formally," from Old French anoncier "Announce, proclaim" (12c., Modern French… See definitions of Announce.

5. Annunciate definition is - announce

6. What does Announce mean? The definition of Announce means to make something publicly known

7. Annunciate definition, to announce

8. Synonym Discussion of Announce.

9. See also: Announce, to Announce for To show one's political support for someone or something

10. Companies Announce the release of new products, parents Announce the marriages of their children, and school administrators Announce changes to the day's schedule over the PA.

11. Announce service & on the network

12. Announce congregation’s field service arrangements.

13. Atrocity Announce Preview Patch: Added

14. Announce definition, to make known publicly or officially; proclaim; give notice of: to Announce a special sale

15. Announce a decision/intention/plan

16. Turn on Announce Messages with Siri

17. Announce means to make something public

18. Synonyms for Announce in Free Thesaurus

19. We'll announce the winners next Sunday.

20. 20 min: “Magazines Announce the Kingdom.”

21. Avowe vs announce - what is the difference

22. What does Annunciate mean? To announce; proclaim

23. How to use Announce in a sentence

24. 04.01.2020 Aloft and Avix Aero Announce Partnership …

25. “Chuck” Budinsky, 67, of Poland, Ohio, announce

26. Torrent has no announce or nodes field

27. 70 Angels Announce the Birth of Jesus

28. We will announce the next Cola in …

29. Announce: to make known openly or publicly.

30. She coughed discreetly to announce her presence.

31. Announce the service on the local network

32. To be clear, Bloober Team did not announce […]

33. The jury is about to announce the winners.

34. Adhan means to declare, to announce, to inform

35. Announce definition is - to make known publicly : proclaim

36. The company said it will announce results Jan.

37. Bushrangers Basketball is stoked to announce our first

38. Announce; Announce (something) to; Announce for; Announce to; annoy; anoint; anoint (someone/oneself) with; anoint with; anon; anonymous tip; another; another bite at the cherry; another bite of the cherry; another coat of paint; another country heard from; another county heard from; another day, another dollar; another kettle of fish; another

39. Tap Notifications, then tap Announce Messages with Siri

40. Announce - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

41. Local children ran ahead to announce our visits.

42. They announce that they have found the holy grail.

43. We announce this year’s A list against this backdrop

44. You cannot ‘Announce somebody something’: They Announced us their

45. The jury is [ are ] about to announce the winners.

46. We are excited to announce that the Champs CLASS …

47. The company is expected to announce 200 job losses.

48. Annunciate definition: to announce Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

49. They will announce the result of the vote tonight.

50. She was planning to announce her engagement to Peter.