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annul 1. रद्द करना, निष्फल~करना "The marriage was annulled by the court."

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1. Annul synonyms, Annul pronunciation, Annul translation, English dictionary definition of Annul

2. Annul (16) Annul a plea, in law (1) Annul an amendment (1) Annul an edit (1) Annul by an authoritative act (1) Annul legally (1) Annul officially (1) Annul or repeal (1) Annul the middle of the week (1) Annul, as a driver`s license (1) Annul, as a law (1) Annul, as a legal order (1) Annul, as a license (1) Annul, as an indictment (1) Annul, in

3. (Void/Annul Marriage) I want to Annul or void my marriage

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6. Annulled; annulling Kids Definition of annul : to cancel by law : take away the legal force of annul a marriage

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8. File a petition to Annul the marriage

9. – in the alternative, annul the express decisions;

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11. Assistant to make annul maintenance plan and budget.

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13. I’ve Annul my existing bond a while ago.

14. The con - track be annul by the court.

15. Annul 'Annul' is a 5 letter word starting with A and ending with L Crossword clues for 'Annul' Clue Answer; Declare invalid (5) Annul: Void a marriage (5) Cancel officially (5) Repeal, rescind (5) Undo "I do" (5) Invalidate, like a marriage (5) Cancel, revoke (5) Cancel a law (5)

16. Verb (disAnnull) To Annul, do away with; to cancel

17. See thesaurus at cancel Grammar Annul is often passive

18. Annul definition, (especially of laws or other established rules, usages, etc.) to make void or null; abolish; cancel; invalidate: to Annul a marriage

19. Biffer to cross out, strike through to cancel, annul

20. PETITION TO Annul MARRIAGE RSA 458:1-3 1

21. Abrogate definition is - to abolish by authoritative action : annul

22. Harnulf, Harnoldus, Harnolph, Earnulf, Ernulf,Erinolf, Annul, Anul, Annulv

23. Annul Meaning: "invalidate, make void, nullify;" from Anglo-French and Old French anuler "cancel, wipe out" (13c.) or… See definitions of Annul.

24. To revoke or annul ( a decision or decree, for example ).

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26. Christmas is annul festival to celebrate to birth of Christ.

27. The effect of the statute was to annul this covenant.

28. PETITION TO Annul RECORD: Offenses Resolved Prior to 01/01/2019

29. Annul definition is - to declare or make legally invalid or void

30. What does Annulled mean? Simple past tense and past participle of annul

31. Annul: to balance with an equal force so as to make ineffective.

32. annul the defendant’s decision of 28 September 2017 terminating the applicant’s contract;

33. 16 synonyms for Countermand: cancel, reverse, override, repeal, revoke, retract, rescind, annul

34. OBJECTIVE To identify the compositions of volatile oil from Youyang Artemisia annul.

35. It has upon it a stain that technology cannot annul or override.

36. Another word for Annul: invalidate, reverse, cancel, abolish, void Collins English Thesaurus

37. In the alternative, annul the implementing regulation insofar as it concerns the applicant;

38. The vacuum clean smoke is effective and annul in part the smoke smell.

39. For what if some disbelieved? Shall their unbelief annul the faithfulness of God?

40. Get some tips on how to Annul a marriage in California before beginning this

41. For them, the decision to annul same - sex marriages will be personal, even painful.

42. What does Abrogate mean? To abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority

43. Results 24 and 28 compounds of volatile oils from Artemisia and Artemisia Annul L

44. If one party lacked the capacity to marry, the state could Annul the marriage

45. in the further alternative, annul the contested decision on account of a procedural irregularity;

46. It may, acting by a qualified majority, amend or annul the measure in question.

47. Rom. 3 For what if some disbelieved? Shall their unbelief annul the faithfulness of God?

48. They have the power to alter or annul inappropriate decisions of their own standing committees.

49. Alternatively, annul the allocation of promotion points under the # procedure in relation to the applicants

50. Guido directed Congress to annul the 1962 election results and suppressed the Peronist cause again.