anomaly in Hindi

anomaly 1. असंगति, नियम~विरोध "There are many anomalies in the tax system."

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1. Anomalie translate: anomaly, abnormality, anomaly, handicap


3. ‘the apparent Anomaly that those who produced the wealth were the poorest’ ‘the position abounds in Anomaly’ ‘a legal Anomaly’ ‘Or is this just an Anomaly that all …

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5. Find out how to send Anomaly your work, and how to work with Anomaly! ISSN: 2578-580X.

6. Congenital Anomaly (birth defect), a disorder present at birth Physical Anomaly, a deformation of an anatomical structure Congenital vertebral Anomaly, any of several malformations of the spine Collie eye Anomaly, eye disease of dogs

7. If the Astral Branular Anomaly is …

8. Unusual, Anomaly, Out of the ordinary

9. Anomaly, aberration, Adumbration of change

10. We have an anomaly here.

11. Text Anomaly Detection with Arae-AnoGAN

12. This is the anomaly at 1643.

13. Anomaly definition: If something is an Anomaly , it is different from what is usual or expected

14. Anomalies definition, the plural of anomaly

15. Cutis Aplasias are a rare congenital anomaly

16. How to use Anomaly in a sentence.

17. Tethered Cord a congenital anomaly resulting

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19. So it's really an anomaly as to...

20. Hello gais it's ya boi Anomaly from Sweden

21. It was the anomaly causing the interference.

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23. Can any Western leader explain this embarrassing anomaly?

24. Situs inversus totalis (SIT) is a rare congenital anomaly.

25. This fact alone explains the Sun/climate anomaly.

26. Anomaly Meaning: "unevenness;" 1660s, "deviation from the common rule," from Latin anomalia, from Greek anomalia… See definitions of Anomaly.

27. Punitive damages in libel cases are a legal anomaly.

28. Adjectives for Anomaly include anomalistic, anomalistical and anomalous

29. He was an anomaly down to his very genes.

30. 55 synonyms for Aberration: anomaly, exception, defect, abnormality, inconsistency, deviation

31. Anomalous is the adjective form of the noun, anomaly

32. You think it's something to do with the anomaly?

33. It is often unpleasant to see an anomaly animal.

34. Anomaly bills itself very clearly as a new model agency

35. Classical myth gives its own justification for this anomaly.

36. This is an unfair anomaly in our tax structure.

37. An Abashing anomaly: The high achieving predominantly black elementary school

38. Correction for altitude alone gives the free-air gravity anomaly.

39. Mod and Anomaly is no different, featuring active and inactive Artefacts

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41. The Jem'Hadar approached us from the anterior angle of the anomaly.

42. Pohnpei is an anomaly - it's a Pacific island without a beach.

43. Colman McCarthy has always been an anomaly in the newspaper business.

44. Aerodynamically, anomaly, botanically, Bummalo, clannishly, cytoplasmically, emilie, emily, facsimile, galilee

45. Fortnite Season 6 is teasing players with new Anomaly puzzles

46. In those days, a woman professor was still an anomaly.

47. 11 It is often unpleasant to see an anomaly animal.

48. An anomaly exists in the case of an incompressible fluid.

49. Anomaly detection is a method to identify outliers in the data

50. Aortic septal defect a congenital anomaly in which there is abnormal