announcement in Hindi

announcement 1. घोषणा "She made an announcement about the withdrawl of her support to the institute."

Sentence patterns related to "announcement"

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1. Bestseller Add to Favorites Editable fall pregnancy Announcement digital for social media, Thanksgiving pregnancy Announcement, Autumn Baby Announcement April

2. An important or official statement The minister made the Announcement at a news conference. Announcement about an important Announcement about tax increases Announcement that They heard the Announcement that the mayor was resigning

3. — announcement by loudspeaker

4. Wedding Cancellation Announcement Cards

5. __ Announcement from Admiralty Chimney

6. What does Announcement mean? The definition of an Announcement is a public declaration of something

7. Announcement of Beta suite v21.1.1

8. Announcement of Beta suite v21.0.3

9. Foley's announcement discomfited some Democrats.

10. Find another word for Announcement

11. Important Announcement from the Auditor

12. Announcement of Beta suite v20.0.5

13. Announcement of Beta suite v21.1.0

14. This announcement greatly excited us.

15. The announcement was greeted enthusiastically.

16. The announcement took me unawares.

17. Announcement Bot allows you to create custom embedded messages with an updating preview of your Announcement

18. These amendments apply after Announcement Date.

19. Announcement of Beta suite v20.1.5

20. The announcement caused serious ructions.

21. Baa; Broad Agency Announcement United States Army Medical Research and Development Command Broad Agency Announcement USAMRDC Baa

22. His announcement produced gasps of amazement.

23. ANNOUNCEMENT: Merger between C2M and Broadside

24. The announcement was not entirely unexpected.

25. The announcement provoked howls of outrage.

26. The announcement created surprise and Consternation

27. Lexically, 'Adhan' means announcement or declaration

28. Please take notice of my announcement.

29. Seasonable announcement farmer remands reclaim breed.

30. The announcement has been met with incredulity.

31. Several newspapers claim an announcement is imminent.

32. They listened to the announcement in silence.

33. He raised his hand to make his Announcement and said "Excuse me everyone, I have an Announcement to make

34. 1 The announcement caused serious ructions.

35. What is Announcement? The definition of Announcement relating to learning English functional text is an official notification about something

36. The Announcement may be through a notice printed in paper, a post in the Announcement board, or email

37. The announcement was greeted with loud guffaws.

38. The announcement provoked a storm of protest.

39. How to use Announcement in a sentence.

40. Ernest is devastated by this awful announcement.

41. The announcement raised a storm of protest.

42. I have an important announcement to make.

43. The announcement was greeted with great hilarity.

44. The announcement was greeted with thunderous applause.

45. The announcement was met with general rejoicing.

46. We'll hear their announcement soon, I'm sure.

47. The announcement caused uproar in the crowd.

48. An announcement about his resignation is imminent.

49. If you chose to send an email Announcement and edit the Announcement after you post it, another email is sent

50. Synonyms: ad, Advertisement, announcement… Find the right word.