annexe in Hindi

annexe 1. उपभवन "This wing is an annexe of the main building."

Sentence patterns related to "annexe"

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1. Our rooms were in the annexe.

2. We have six rooms vacant in the annexe.

3. An annexe was built to house the sculptures.

4. Western diplomats confirmed that annexe was authentic.

5. The garden annexe offers secluded peaceful rooms.

6. Some of us will be sleeping in the annexe.

7. The island is annexe by the neighbouring republic.

8. The party are put into the hotel annexe.

9. It came through the door leading to the boarders' annexe.

10. She's been shunted off to an office in the annexe.

11. But they could have got into the boarding annexe.

12. The party were allocated room in the hotel annexe.

13. The hotel was full so we had to sleep in the annexe.

14. A modern annexe houses the Russell collection of early keyboard instruments.

15. We share the annexe base with nursery nurse students and staff.

16. I knew he was the clerk from the Town Hall Annexe.

17. The hotel is full so we have to sleep in the annexe.

18. Some Enterprise rooms are in the annexe directly opposite the main building.

19. Some of the rooms are about a two minute walk away in the Loutrouvia annexe.

20. Synonyms for Confiscate include expropriate, sequester, appropriate, commandeer, impound, seize, sequestrate, attach, annexe and annex

21. She took the correct corridor, found the Salome annexe and climbed up to the attic.

22. Synonyms for Commandeer include appropriate, seize, expropriate, take, confiscate, arrogate, usurp, sequester, sequestrate and annexe

23. Je, Atteste que les renseignements donnés dans cette annexe sont à ma connaissance exacts et complets

24. A meeting of the education committee decided that the nursery classes should be transferred to the School Annexe.

25. 21 Delicate and valuable books are kept in an air-conditioned annexe to the main library.

26. Behind a bookcase which revolves outwards, lies the secret door to the annexe or hidden rooms.

27. Synonyms for Adjoin include join, abut, border, touch, border on, neighbour, verge on, annexe, annex and approximate

28. On Monday afternoon and evening Toby once again enjoyed undisputed sway in the boarding annexe of Burleigh.

29. Some rooms are in the annexe and bungalows behind the main building set in their own gardens.

30. The general appearance of the area will be greatly improved, particularly benefiting those people located in the ground floor annexe.

31. Kirkby firemen prevented flames reaching the lower school annexe and nursery school, where classes continued close to normal for 140 youngsters.

32. 9 above, the applicant may provide a bank guaranteefrom a Swiss bank for a minimum amount of CHF 000 under the limitations setout in Annexe

33. • Management Accountability Framework Media Centre Investments in the West Career Opportunities Consultations Frequently Asked Questions Feedback Proactive Disclosure Select text size aA aA aA Home > Reports and Publications > Departmental Strategies > 2007-2008 OLA Status Report > Annexe II - Anual Projects Related to Official Languages Annexe II - Anual Projects Related to Official Languages < previous index

34. Use of existing annexe as independent dwelling house Location Groton Manor, Castlings Heath, Groton, Sudbury CO10 5ET Parish: Groton 1.1 The application site is located at Castlings Heath, Groton, a remote group of dwellings located in open countryside 5.4 kilometres (3.4 miles) to …

35. Nature of special risks attributed to dangerous substances ANNEXE III Nature des risques particuliers attribués aux substances dangereuses ALLEGATO III Natura dei rischi specifici attribuiti alle sostanze pericolose BIJLAGE III Aard der bijzondere gevaren toegeschreven aan gevaarlijke stoffen ANEXO III Natureza dos riscos específicos atribuídos às substâncias perigosas

36. The Financial bids submitted by various agencies for outsourcing of collection/delivery of documents for attestation by Ministry of External Affairs, would be opened by a Tender Committee of the Ministry of External Affairs on 28th November (Monday), 2011 at 1600 hours in the Conference Room (Ground Floor) of Passport Monitoring Unit (PMU) in the CPV Division of MEA, at Patiala House Annexe.

विदेश मंत्रालय द्वारा अनुप्रमाणन के लिए बाह्य स्रोतों से दस्तावेजों के संग्रहण / डिलीवरी के लिए विभिन्न एजेंसियों द्वारा प्रस्तुत की गईं वित्तीय निविदाएं 28 नवंबर, 2011 (सोमवार) को 1600 बजे सम्मेलन कक्ष (भू-तल), पासपोर्ट निगरानी यूनिट (पीएमयू), सीपीवी प्रभाग, विदेश मंत्रालय, पटियाला हाउस अनेक्सी में विदेश मंत्रालय की निविदा समिति द्वारा खोली जाएंगी।