animate in Hindi

animate 1. जीवन संचार करना, प्राण डालना "Few words of consolation animated the widow's life. "

Sentence patterns related to "animate"

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1. Verbs for animate include animate, animated, animates, Animatest, animateth and animating

2. Animate progress bars

3. Animatic definition Animate a storyboard

4. To endow with life; animate.

5. Everything animate and inanimate followed him.

6. Hi! I'm Ante! I animate furry stuff!

7. 6 To endow with life; animate.

8. All Anaphors in Korean prefer animate antecedents

9. They were animate, versatile, and extremely fast.

10. Blob.animatedRandom() - Generate Blobs and animate the shape change

11. What does Animative mean? Tending to animate; causing animation

12. How long does it take to animate a shot?

13. Performing process the program and demo animate are given.

14. Don’t modify, angle, or animate the App Store Badge.

15. You can animate the size and position of a mask.

16. I like animate animals and I enjoy watching animation.

17. The dog lay so still it scarcely seemed animate.

18. Create random or fixed Blobs, loop, animate, clip them with ease

19. Team spirited with demonstrated leadership skills to animate the team.

20. Large windows and Cantilevers animate House on 36th by Beebe Skidmore

21. Animative (comparative more Animative, superlative most Animative) Tending to animate; causing animation.

22. Disable: do not use any combo box effects. Animate: Do some animation

23. Easy to animate with intuitive custom bone shapes Eight Animable pages

24. English words for Aviser include inform, notice, animate and notify of

25. There was precious little about the cricket to animate the crowd.

26. Clearly, both inanimate and animate things can be designed and engineered!

27. For, instance, inanimate objects are typically easier to identify than animate objects.

28. Well, animators often use the fingernails on their thumbs to animate with.

29. Next, you will animate the effect of two balls Caroming off each other

30. Animism means all things, whether animate or inanimate, contain a spirit or soul

31. What does Animatest mean? (archaic) Second-person singular simple present form of animate

32. The whole Universe animate and inanimate, past, present and future is within me.

33. Animate separate body parts or group multiple objects together to optimize the Animation process

34. The Biped skeleton has special properties that make it instantly ready to animate

35. For most philosophers of classical antiquity the world was both animate and divine.

36. That the environment is not animate enough to want to communicate with us is irrelevant.

37. Chattel An item of Personal Property that is movable; it may be animate or inanimate

38. "The crickets Chirruped their song." Chirrup (verb) To quicken or animate by chirping

39. The strange resolution of trustfulness he had taken seemed to animate even his secret conduct.

40. For those who are deaf, though, the facial muscles do much more than animate conversations.

लेकिन जो लोग बधिर हैं, वे चेहरे की पेशियों का इस्तेमाल सिर्फ बातचीत को जानदार बनाने के लिए नहीं करते।

41. Animation definition is - the act of animating : the state of being animate or animated

42. (Isaiah 33:22) He has set the physical laws governing animate and inanimate creation.

43. At this age, children are still unable to distinguish between animate and inanimate objects.

44. Animism is the idea that all things—animate and inanimate—possess a spirit or an essence

45. Synonyms for Bestir include stimulate, trouble, activate, animate, awaken, exert, motivate, actuate, get going and incite

46. Antonyms for Bypast include alive, existent, existing, extant, living, present, here, quick, animate and live

47. The Copywriter will work with the print and digital teams to animate creative concepts with effective copy

48. Augury, the art of interpreting omens, is the attempt to discover divine will in phenomena of animate nature

49. Norman (2004, 138) stresses that people Anthropomorphize, that is, project human emotions and beliefs into anything, animate or not.

50. Joshua managed internal development of projects, including: WINGS, Animate & Restore, HandPicked Astonishments, FirstHand aka Freedom Change, and INK