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annualized 1. वर्षभर में एक बार "This factory was running smoothly ,but in the year end there is an annulized" "deficit."

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1. Annualized synonyms, Annualized pronunciation, Annualized translation, English dictionary definition of Annualized

2. To annualize AE to Annualise BE, annualize BE annualized, annualized / Annualised, Annualised auf Jahresbasis umrechnen to annualize espAE Annualise espBE, annualize BE annualized, annualized / Annualised, Annualised [COMM.] auf Jahresbasis umrechnen

3. Annualized Adjusted Gross Income

4. The Annualized volatility equals 17.32%

5. Formula for Calculating Annualized Returns

6. As verbs the difference between annualized and Annualised is that annualized is (annualize) while Annualised is (Annualise).

7. As verbs the difference between annualized and Annualised is that annualized is (annualize) while Annualised is (annualise).

8. The Annualized Return Calculator computes the Annualized return of an investment held for a specified number of years.

9. What is the opposite of Annualized?

10. Annualized Rate of Return Definition Introduction

11. an Annualized amount or figure is calculated over a year: Exports fell at an Annualized rate of 12.3%. Over the past five years the fund has delivered an Annualized return of better than 13%

12. This would be called an Annualized premium.

13. Annualized Rate of Return is a rate of return per year, when the return over a period, shorter or longer than one year is Annualized to facilitate comparison amongst Annualized return of …

14. Annualized turnover is essentially a projection of annual turnover

15. (verb) Offers a rate that is Annualized at

16. For details, see Schedule AI Annualized Income Installment Method, later

17. Annualized return is the return on investment received that year

18. An Annualized interest rate of 36% for a "riskless investment" of the amount owed is an amazing opportunity (as is an Annualized rate of 18%)

19. If the period is less than a year, turnover is generally annualized.

20. How to Calculate Annualized Volatility Putting market volatility into annual terms

21. Annualized ROI The ROI Calculator includes an Investment Time input to hurdle this weakness by using something called the Annualized ROI, which is a rate normally more meaningful for comparison

22. Verbs for annually include annualise, annualised, Annualises, annualising, annualize, annualized, annualizes and annualizing

23. Astary® Rose Item no.: B7050P First annualized Astilbe on the market; Bookmark

24. So, all daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly returns will be converted to Annualized returns

25. ‘The Annualized rate of increase of Euro deposits moved up dramatically.’ ‘Unsecured lending, particularly in credit cards, continues to grow by over 10% at an Annualized rate.’ ‘Another factor you want to look at is the Annualized rate of return, which is required to be presented always as net of fees and trading costs.’

26. Annualized Return = ((Ending value of investment / Beginning value of investment) ^ (1 / Number years held)) - 1

27. The devaluation fuelled inflation, which reached an estimated annualized rate of 13(,000 percent.

28. That year, the annualized rate of return on Bonus offers was an estimated 42.2%, which was …

29. The Annualized rate of return is a process for determining investment returns on an annual basis

30. Expressing the cumulative rates of return in terms of Annualized rates of return makes the performance

31. The total annualized real rate of return for the biennium was therefore positive 8.7 per cent.

32. Annualized Of or relating to a variable that has been mathematically converted to a yearly rate. Inflation and interest rates are generally Annualized since it is on this basis that these two variables are ordinarily stated and compared.

33. Nexsure utilizes a simple formula that takes a mid-term premium (debit or credit), calculates the Annualized value based on policy term compared to effective date of the mid-term premium, and adds it to the existing Annualized values.

34. For instance, the money gained in the first year of an investment would be the Annualized return.

35. The “ Annualized ” return shown does not use a simple average but shows the actual compounding of annual returns

36. In the context of insurance, premiums may be calculated on an Annualized basis or as a rate per year

37. Annualized refers to a measurement made on an annual basis as opposed to a monthly or another periodic basis

38. 4 Annualized average rate of return after expenses for the past 30 days; not a forecast of future returns.

39. The maximum pension formulas are based on pensionable service as well, but require that the service be actualised and the earnings annualized.

40. The Annualized GDP growth rate is a measure of the increase or decrease of the GDP from one year to the next

41. Producing Annualized values of costs and benefits is useful because it converts the time varying stream of values to a constant stream

42. For instance, if you're paying estimated taxes, you can use your Annualized income to figure out how much you need to pay.

43. The term “Annualized rate of return” refers to the equivalent annual return that an investor earns over the holding period of the investment

44. When comparing the results of two calculations computed with the calculator, oftentimes, the Annualized ROI figure is more useful than the ROI figure

45. S&P 500 Buybacks (annualized) Corporate Equities: Net Issuance Nonfinancial Corporate Business (4-quarter sum) Source: Federal Reserve Board and Standard & Poor’s Corporation

46. Conversely, Microsoft's Annualized return over the first 13.36 years of its life as a public company -- the same period that Netflix has just reached -- was 58.77%

47. If an employee’s salary is Annualized, it means that an employee takes home a fixed and equal amount of a predetermined annual salary each paycheck

48. The Annualized Net Present Value (ANPV) approach is one of the capital budgeting decisions that is commonly used to evaluate mutually exclusive projects with different lives

49. Apr is an annualized representation of your interest rate. When deciding between credit cards, Apr can help you compare how expensive a transaction will be on each one

50. 1976) Afte: A Foundation for Theological Education: Afte: Autogenic Feedback Training Experiment (NASA) Afte: Association of Firearm and Toolmarks Examiners (USA) Afte: Annualized Full-Time Equivalent (university enrollment