anniversary in Hindi

anniversary 1. वर्षगाँठ "This is their 25th wedding anniversary."

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1. 6 Happy Wedding 25 Anniversary Silver Jubilee Anniversary!

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4. 15th Anniversary Supplement.

१५. पारमेश्वर संहिता।

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9. A kind of anniversary of the anniversary, an exponential celebration of embedded Anniversariness

10. Bookers 30th Anniversary Bourbon

11. BoundAry, anniversAry), adjectives (e.g

12. It's their 50th anniversary.

13. It's our tenth anniversary.

14. TAnzanite is the birthstone for December and the anniversary gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary

15. Alice Curtsying 70th Anniversary POP

16. Blooming Boutique Celebrates 14th Anniversary

17. It's our wedding Anniversary today

18. 14 the city's thousandth anniversary.

19. Japan Marks Atomic Bomb Anniversary

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21. Carnelian is a 17th Anniversary gemstone.

22. Her husband Absentmindedly forgot their anniversary

23. It's the anniversary of their deaths.

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27. First Avenue's 51st Anniversary Celebration ft

28. Anniverse (plural Anniverses) Obsolete form of anniversary

29. Anniversariness (obsolete, rare) anniversary; anniverse (obsolete) References

30. 16 That was their thirtieth wedding anniversary.

31. My folks are celebrating their 50th anniversary.

32. They celebrated the 400th Anniversary of …

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34. Bonanza: Season 1-50th Anniversary Edition

35. Anniversary of A huge parade was …

36. She forgot all about their anniversary.

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38. Whatever Anniversary you are celebrating, diamond Anniversary bands, for both him and for her, celebrate your love and loyalty.

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42. A double anniversary therefore, since the 120th anniversary of the founding date of Austro DAIMLER is in August 2019.

43. She reproached him for forgetting their anniversary.

44. An original Birthday, Anniversary or Xmas gift.

45. Chances hosted my parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary party

46. Europe Airpost celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2013

47. It's the anniversary of my mother's death.

48. It's the anniversary of my dog's death.

49. Budlet Folk Dance Club 45th Anniversary Dinner

50. Honoring the anniversary of his hero's death.