another in Hindi

another 1. एक~और, दूसरा "Would you like to have another cup of tea?" "Take this book and bring another one."

Sentence patterns related to "another"

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1. Another synonyms, Another pronunciation, Another translation, English dictionary definition of Another

2. Another day, another dollar.

3. Announce; Announce (something) to; Announce for; Announce to; annoy; anoint; anoint (someone/oneself) with; anoint with; anon; anonymous tip; another; another bite at the cherry; another bite of the cherry; another coat of paint; another country heard from; another county heard from; another day, another dollar; another kettle of fish; another

4. See: (but) that's Another story (I'll) see you in Another life (it's) one damn thing after Another (something) is one thing, (something else) is (quite) Another a different kettle of fish a horse of Another a horse of Another color a horse of Another colour add Another string to (one's) bow Another bite at the cherry Another bite of the cherry Another

5. Another wasted corpse in yet another unmarked grave.

6. Another day, another wacky UK speed camera ticket.

7. Let me draw another series, another balance sheet.

8. Another year, another downsizing, and this time a monster.

9. Another seizure?

10. Another son.

11. Another jargon.

12. Another holler

13. Another roti?

14. Another begins.

15. * Rather than echo one another, their writings complement one another.

16. Another poke.

17. Another vacation?

18. Another example:

19. Another swastika.

20. 7 Another sinister plot; another twist of the federal ratchet.

21. It is realizing you want Another dance, or Another smile.

22. Let us not become boastful, challenging one another , envying one another.

23. Another FSB Adonis

24. There's another vault?

25. That's another crevasse.

26. Another soul saved!".

27. Another fucking submission!

28. Caught another octopus?

29. Another... layer cake?

30. Another failed attempt.

31. Here's another group.

32. There's another tub.

33. Another Joyful Gathering

34. Another stillborn litter.

35. That's another lie.

36. Another person may speak somewhat aimlessly, wandering from one idea to another.

37. Pipes-another (GL

पाइप-दर-पाइप-अन्य (जीएल

38. You got another?

39. Another lonely enterprise.

40. Be kindly Affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another Be devoted to one another in love

41. Another the adrenal.

42. In another life.

43. Another tedious lawsuit.

44. There's another customer.

45. Another terrific group.

46. Yes, another miracle!

47. Another fucking riddle.


49. Another 40 yards.

50. It's another anagram.