ablaze in Hindi

ablaze 1. जला~हुआ "The whole crop was set ablaze."

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1. Ablaze synonyms, Ablaze pronunciation, Ablaze translation, English dictionary definition of Ablaze

2. Set Ablaze • During the riot, a police car was set Ablaze

3. Ablaze definition: Something that is Ablaze is burning very fiercely

4. Ablaze definition, burning; on fire: They set the logs Ablaze

5. Our radios ablaze.

6. Eyes all ablaze

7. Ablaze, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

8. It was all ablaze.

9. The house was ablaze.

घर आग में लिपटा हुआ था।

10. Are your eyes ablaze?

11. Set ablaze --- On fire

12. Ablaze, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

13. Europe was ablaze and embattled.

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15. Oil well ablaze in Kuwait

16. • Gorse was Ablaze with yellow blossom

17. • A small glade Ablaze with sunbeams

18. The chamber was ablaze with light.

19. In the 1990s Ablaze! continued to …

20. His face was ablaze with anger.

21. The palace was ablaze with lights.

22. What does Ableeze mean? (Scotland) Ablaze

23. His eyes were ablaze with fury.

24. The whole building was soon ablaze.

25. A small glade ablaze with sunbeams.

26. New publishers too were ablaze with zeal.

27. • The house was then set Ablaze

28. Ablaze definition is - being on fire

29. * I'm on fire, I'm all ablaze; *

30. The ballroom was ablaze with lights.

31. The streets were ablaze with lights.

32. How to use Ablaze in a sentence.

33. ‘And I will set her forest ablaze,

‘मैं तुम्हारे जंगल में आग लगा दूँगा,

34. Within minutes the whole house was ablaze.

35. 'My mission is to keep the light in your eyes Ablaze' 🔥👁️🔥the video for Ablaze is here

36. Among the sparks you have set ablaze.

उससे उठनेवाली चिंगारियों में होकर चलो।

37. Her distorted face was ablaze with rage.

38. Ablaze translate: en llamas, ardiendo, en llamas, resplandeciente

39. They will set them ablaze and consume them,

जिसे वे जलाकर भस्म कर देंगे।

40. And will set ablaze the foundations of mountains.

पहाड़ों की नींव में आग लगा देगी।

41. 3 A sedge was ablaze with yellow spikes.

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43. Being on fire: The house is Ablaze

44. Her yard was ablaze with summer flowers.

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46. Ablaze - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

47. The house was ablaze in a few minutes.

48. Abu Hardan well No. 136 was set ablaze.

49. Keep the gift of God ablaze (6-11)

परमेश्वर के वरदान को ज्वाला की तरह जलाए रख (6-11)

50. Wander though the 11acre estate, ablaze with fall colours.