abroad in Hindi

abroad 1. विदेश~में "He has relatives both in India and abroad. " 2. प्रचलित "There is a rumour abroad that you are having a love affair with a girl."

Sentence patterns related to "abroad"

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1. We use Abroad as an adverb in phrases such as go Abroad and live Abroad. From is the only preposition that is used before Abroad: … (Definition of Abroad from the …

2. Russell Travels Abroad

3. A rumor is abroad.

4. Though tribulations rage abroad,

5. So you're studying abroad?

6. Her granddaughter lives abroad.

7. Prince Boworadej fled abroad.

8. Our Family Spread Abroad

9. Abroad definition, in or to a foreign country or countries: famous at home and Abroad

10. My elder daughter is abroad.


भारतीयों को विदेश भेजने वाली फर्जी एजेंसियां


13. She's resident abroad/in Moscow.

14. He has never been abroad.

15. Others managed to flee abroad.

16. He's currently Abroad on business

17. I am considering going abroad.

18. I've never lived abroad before.

19. At present she's working abroad.

20. Have you ever traveled abroad?

21. Weakness abroad will crimp exports.

22. Teach Abroad - Teaching Abroad is a wonderful way to learn and educate at the same time

23. MADAD enables Indian students abroad to register consular grievances which are addressed by Indian Missions abroad.

मदद द्वारा विदेश में भारतीय विद्यार्थी अपनी कॉन्सुलर शिकायतें पंजीकृत करा सकते हैं जोकि विदेश में भारतीय मिशनों द्वारा हल की जाती हैं।

24. He's currently abroad on business.

25. He did not abscond abroad.

26. We offer high-quality education Abroad programming in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific, providing a range of study Abroad, internship Abroad and service-learning opportunities.

27. Onboard, Ashipboard aboard, broad, abroad, board

28. Opportunities for teaching abroad are plentiful.

29. The exhibition reflected concurrent developments abroad.

30. In western cities, hippies walk abroad.

31. 10 He perennially does business abroad.

32. He is adverse to going abroad.

33. She was seriously contemplating working abroad.

34. abroad to other government departments, agencies,

35. Banning Koreans from studying abroad 11.

36. All my near relations live abroad.

37. I have never contemplated living abroad.

38. She is pining to travel abroad.

39. I have never Contemplated living abroad

40. Afield definition, abroad; away from home

41. Have you got an agency abroad?

42. She often goes Abroad on business.

43. She often goes abroad on business.

44. They went abroad for their holiday.

45. She took up permanent residency abroad.

46. I would love to go Abroad this year, perhaps to the South of France.public opposition here and Abroad.

47. If you’re interested in retiring abroad, Argentina …

48. • Information for Canadians abroad Travelling to Pakistan?

49. Nearly half the students come from abroad.

50. They were domiciled abroad for tax purposes.