abide in Hindi

abide 1. सहन~करना "If you join sports club,you have to abide by its rules." 2. एक~जगह~रहना "According to Article 370, everyone doesn't have the right to abide in J and K."

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2. Abide definition, to remain; continue; stay: Abide with me

3. ABide definition, to remain; continue; stay: ABide with me

4. Abide within" (Shakespeare)

5. He couldn't abide laziness.

6. Cannot Abide their rudeness When is bear a more appropriate choice than Abide?

7. I can't abide her.

8. I can't abide dishonesty!

9. She can't abide his rudeness.

10. 15 synonyms for Bide: aBide, linger, remain, stay, tarry, wait, stick around, aBide, linger, pause, stay

11. Abide in the Lord’s Territory!

12. Abide Updates & General Announcements

13. Abide by the rules yourself.

खुद भी नियमों का पालन कीजिए।

14. Abide with me; ’tis eventide.

15. He will abide my coming.

16. Abide in it we must.

महफ़ूज़ रहें सदा।

17. How can you abide him?

18. I can't abide that man.

19. To Abide by the court's decision

20. How could you abide such conditions?

21. She can't abide coarseness and stupidity.

22. Miss Furniss could not abide sloppiness.

23. They abide in a remote village.

24. You shall abide in my love.

25. She can't abide watching horror films.

26. Abide operation regulation, forbid peccant operation.

27. The word “Abide” comes from the Greek menó, which according to Strong’s Concordance means stay, Abide, or remain

28. To Abide the indignation of the Lord

29. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of Abide.

30. Everyone should abide by our social norms.

31. Abide definition is - to bear patiently : tolerate

32. Nor do I abide by your law.

33. Better to abide by the original plan.

34. Commercials that don't abide by the rules.

35. Competitors must abide by the judge's decision.

36. You'll have to abide by the consequences.

37. Abide - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

38. How Do I Set-Up an Abide Account

39. We also abide by what the referee did.

40. His generosity does not abide by our rules.

41. Abide Furniture has a store locations in Springdale

42. I felt it wise to abide by this.

43. You have to abide by the referee's decision.

44. One mobster whom Broderick couldn't abide was Jack.

45. If you make a promise, abide by it.

46. Abiding involves our response to the teaching of Jesus: “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you …” (John 15:7a)

47. You must abide by the results of your mistakes.

48. Abide by To obey something, usually an established rule

49. The doctors reluctantly agreed to abide by my wishes.

50. Completion of the Abide facility at 3335 Fowler St