abode in Hindi

abode 1. आवास "I don't know his place of abode."

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1. Abode synonyms, Abode pronunciation, Abode translation, English dictionary definition of Abode

2. Abode returns to Gozo for the next edition of Abode on the Rock

3. Welcome to my humble abode.

4. You live in one abode.

5. Welcome to our humble abode!

6. She abode at New York.

7. Abnormalise; abnormalize; abode; abolish; abolitionise; synonyms

8. Abode: the place where one lives.

9. Passes the place where once abode

10. Therefore a rabbit has no fixed abode.

11. How to use Abode in a sentence.

12. Abode Properties is a locally owned company

13. Aboded past tense of abode is Aboded.

14. (Zeʹbul) [Toleration; or, possibly, Lofty Abode (Habitation)].

15. It was an abode of perfect blessedness.

16. Abodement; Abode (only first 3 shown) Encyclopedias

17. Get started and setup your Abode system

18. House Agent:Do you require a big abode?

19. You are most welcome to my humble abode.

20. 6 They still dwelt in their old abode.

21. Let me take you to my humble abode!

22. Storage Benches are a versatile addition to any abode

23. Abode definition is - the place where one lives : home

24. The child abode with his grandparents for two years.

25. Lovejoy, of no fixed abode, was charged with murder.

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27. Abode is a DIY security system from installation to monitoring

28. Abode is a fresh and affordable approach to hardwood flooring

29. They may have been viewed as an abode for spirits.

30. Seventeen Joan settled happily into her new and temporary abode.

31. Only thirty birds reach the abode of the Simurgh.

केवल तीस पक्षी ही सिमरघ के निवास तक पहुँचते हैं।

32. Hell, abode of the demons and afterworld of the damned.

33. 11 Sun and moon stood still in their lofty abode.

34. And the Lord said unto Enoch: Behold mine abode forever.

35. He had out a fire insurance policy for his abode.

36. Apparently irregularly from abode + -ment, perhaps by association with Abodement.

37. Aboded meaning Simple past tense and past participle of abode.

38. This palatial abode is the house that Vincent Swan paid for.

यह महल-निवास घर है जिसके लिए विंसेंट स्वान ने भुगतान किया ।

39. Abode Living is Australia's leading supplier of luxury bed linen

40. The thief intruded into the abode with caution and dissimulation.

41. 5: - Persons with the right of abode in the United Kingdom

42. Love and dignity cannot share the same abode. Ovid 

43. “Secure is your dwelling, and set on the crag is your abode.

“तेरा बसेरा चट्टान पर मज़बूत बना है, हर खतरे से महफूज़ है।

44. The mythical abode of a seven-headed dragon that protects Vientiane.

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46. Welcome to AstroSage! Your abode to every form of online Astrology consultation

47. Abode use only the highest quality European fabrics and 100% combed cotton

48. Adjectives for abide include Abidable, abideable, abiding, abodeless, abode, aboded and aboding

49. Svalbard Treaty grants treaty nationals equal right of abode as Norwegian nationals.

50. He's of no fixed abode and we found him on the streets.