above board in Hindi

above board 1. ईमानदार "The deal should be above board."

Sentence patterns related to "above board"

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1. Above board, above-board and Aboveboard are alternate versions of a compound word in transition

2. It's all above board, Rosie.

3. She did not act above board.

4. It had all been above board.

5. Everything he did was above board.

6. My business dealings are above board.

7. We'll live free and above-board?

8. The deal was completely above board.

9. 'My Reggie, free and above-board.

10. My business dealing are above board.

11. Procedure above board, results... under the table.

12. His conduct has been entirely above board.

13. Be open and above board with me.

14. The king was an above board man.

15. And I thought you were above board.

16. Everything is above board except the strategy.

17. The deal was completely open and above board.

18. Don't shit your pants, it's all above board.

तुम्हारी पैंट गीली न हो जाए ।

19. You must always remain open and above board.

20. Don't worry; the deal was completely above board.

21. Alex, this is a hundred percent above board.

22. Above board , Above-board, Aboveboard adj [person] honnête → Be Aboveboard and completely ethical when you give your reasons for leaving

23. You're worried about infidelity, but are you above-board?

24. As long as above board, I have no say.

25. You know that all was fair and above board.

26. This, to me, seems quite above board and useful.

27. Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.

28. Why should we be above board when we're getting divorced?

29. And it's imperative that you play it all above board.

30. We will examine the definition of the terms above board, above-board and Aboveboard, where they came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

31. Have you ever asked yourself whether your ex was above board?

32. Ten days later, he will have to marry Jiang's above board.

33. He has an above board character and is respected by everyone.

34. And I say Darby wasn't above board when we got married.

35. You may be perfectly honest and above board in your activities.

36. His plans for opening a coffee shop are completely above board.

37. → She has always been entirely open and Above board in her affiliations

38. Would you say all your arrests have been above- board and legal?

39. Everything has been done above board and according to the rules and regulations of

40. All I knew about were Antony's own financial dealings, which were always above board.

41. They may even be above board, but these deals done outside of the committee ...

42. We also suspect that other parts of his business are even less above board.

43. Well done C you've managed to make the voting in Florida look above board.

44. The Government must not only be above board , it must be seen to be so .

सरकार को सिर्फ साफ - सुथरा होना ही नहीं चाहिए बल्कि उसे ऐसा दिखना भी चाहिए .

45. Everybody knows we are transparent, we are above board, and that we have multiple relationships.

हर कोई जानता है कि हम पारदर्शी हैं, हम बोर्ड पर हैं और यह कि अनेक देशों के साथ हमारे संबंध हैं।

46. There is , however , evidence to prove that things may not have been all above board .

पर सबूत बताते हैं कि इतनी पारदर्शिता शायद नहीं बरती गई .

47. Lack of stability should never be accepted as an excuse for not being above board.

48. All I can say about my donors is that they are completely vetted and above board.

49. Antonyms for Cloaked include open, public, overt, above-board, candid, forthright, frank, straightforward, undisguised and unreserved

50. Given Takeshita's modus operandi, bribes were necessary, and he argued that the Recruit deal was above board.