absence in Hindi

absence 1. अनुपस्थिति "In the absence of the Principal, I shall be in charge. "

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1. Absence of Clitoral sensitivity (absence of sexual reaction) Absence of libido (absence of libido or female sexual arousal condition) prevails in women

2. Absence rates

3. The Absenteeism rate, absence rate, or absence percentage, is the rate of unplanned absence due to sickness or other causes

4. Absence of selectivity

5. Absence of • There was a notable Absence of confidence among the boys.

6. Les Chagrins ce sont ceux de l'absence, absence d'histoire et surtout absence de parole

7. Absence Management Formerly Aesop

8. Vacancy and absence rates

9. Absence of high Voltage

10. (v) Absence of staff.

(v) कर्मचारियों की अनुपस्थिति।

11. Absence of high voltage

12. Amenorrhea (absence of menses)

13. Absence of high voltage;

14. Absence definition: Someone's Absence from a place is the fact that they are not there

15. 2.2 variegation : presence or absence

16. Her inexplicable absence worried me.

17. That declaration of absence allows the spouse to petition for divorce on the grounds of absence.

18. Doubts also come from fans of the aphorism absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

19. 90 Absence without leave s.

20. · Absence rates – update Adult literacy:

21. She called in your absence.

22. Absence is mother of disillusion.

23. I've barely noticed your absence.

24. His repeated absence is worrying.

25. My absence had gone unnoticed.

26. Coldness: the absence of emotional involvement.

27. Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it

28. Absolute liberty is absence of restraint.

29. Absence definition, state of being away or not being present: I acted as supervisor in his Absence

30. Chapter 17 is an exploration of the absence of a bloodline and the absence of a history.

31. Aposia Absence of sensation of thirst

32. Anurias absence of urine ( adjective ) anuric

33. Rate 0- absence of any tubercle.

34. His illness accounts for his absence.

35. His absence incommodes the whole team.

36. They've refused him leave of absence.

37. Anurias absence of urine ( adjective ) anuric

38. Variations in absence rates in 2004

39. Absence of grounds for racial discrimination

40. Until anesthesia, the absence of sensation.

41. Everyone remarked loudly on his absence.

42. My absence of mind irritated him.

43. Apathy is the absence of caring

44. Anoxia: Absence or lack of oxygen

45. Plant: 1.1 shoots : presence or absence

46. Absence of competition makes for sloth.

47. Anoxias absence of oxygen ( adjective ) anoxic

48. Amenorrhea definition, absence of the menses

49. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

50. Young plant : anthocyanin : presence or absence