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aboriginal 1. आदिम "There are many aboriginal tribes in India."

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4. When I began Aboriginal radio, there was no Aboriginal music.

5. He's an aboriginal.

6. An Aboriginal corroboree

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9. Aboriginalities essay “How have settler constructions of aboriginal people affected aboriginal peoples?” The settler voice towards aboriginal peoples, has ingrained constructs i.e

10. Working with Aboriginal Financial Institutions ABC works with a network of 54 Aboriginal Financial Institutions, including Aboriginal Capital Corporations, Aboriginal Community Futures Development Corporations and other Aboriginally-owned or controlled lending institutions.

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13. Light-skinned Aboriginal people often face challenges on their Aboriginal identity because of stereotyping.

14. Aboriginal Identity: Who is 'Aboriginal'? People who identify themselves as 'Aboriginal' range from dark-skinned, broad-nosed to blonde-haired, blue-eyed people. Aboriginal people define Aboriginality not by skin colour but by relationships

15. Legally, “Aboriginal Australian” is recognized as “a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent who identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and …

16. The Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System (Ahis) provides information concerning Aboriginal heritage places in Western Australia.

17. The Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System (Ahis) provides information concerning Aboriginal heritage places in Western Australia.


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21. Forcible suppression of Aboriginal culture.

22. Sometimes Aboriginal. relating to or typical of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a region, or their descendants: the Aboriginal people of Tahiti; Aboriginal customs.

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24. Community and Aboriginal Consultation Costs

25. Aboriginal Head Start is an early intervention strategy addressing the needs of Aboriginal children and their families.

26. The aim of Assimilation was to make the ‘Aboriginal problem’ gradually disappear so that Aboriginal people would

27. I've never met an Aboriginal before.

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29. Murri: Murri’s (or Murry) are Aboriginal

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32. To ensure that Aboriginal exporters are showcased to the world, an on-line Aboriginal marketplace is under development.

33. However, there are a number of Aboriginal groups who have claimed but not yet proven Aboriginal title in court.

34. • Rate of Aboriginal recidivism for AJS participants Aboriginal people charged with an offence have access to culturally sensitive services

35. In addition to constitutional protection of Aboriginal rights, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled several times on Aboriginal rights on several occasions and found that Aboriginal rights exist in law.

36. The AWP/FVI should continue to enable Aboriginal women's organizations to focus on Aboriginal women, their families and communities.

37. What does Aboriginal mean? The definition of Aboriginal are people, animals, plants, or customs that are native to an area

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40. • Addressing the disproportionate representation of Aboriginal offenders;

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42. These aboriginal rights protect the activities, practice, or traditions that are integral to the distinct cultures of the aboriginal peoples.

43. Aboriginal Breastplates (also called king plates or aboriginal gorgets) were a form of regalia used in pre-Federation Australia by white colonial authorities to recognise those they perceived to be local Aboriginal leaders

44. Aboriginality!andIdentity!–!Perspectives,!Practices!and!Policies!!!!!8!Page! “An!Aboriginal!or!Torres!StraitIslander!is!a!person!of!Aboriginal!or!Torres!Strait

45. Aboriginal communities have expressed concern that current adoption and alternative care practices are not consistent with the best interests of children, in those situations involving the placement of Aboriginal children with non-Aboriginal parents.

46. This means that there no longer will be Aboriginal language speakers whose unilingualism forces others to communicate in the Aboriginal language.

47. Aboriginality definition: the state of being Aboriginal , esp with regard to having a common Aboriginal culture Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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49. Also, there are nine or more aboriginal languages.

50. Australian Aboriginal identity; Indigenous peoples in Canada, also known as Aboriginal Canadians; Orang Asli or Malayan Aborigines; Taiwanese indigenous peoples, formerly Taiwanese