abracadabra in Hindi

abracadabra 1. जादू~का~मंत्र "The magician chanted abracadabra before unveiling the box."

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1. Abracadabra, abracadabra..!!

2. Abracadabra!

3. Abracadabra...

4. Abracadabra.

5. MT: Abracadabra?

6. Abracadabra - Concordia University

7. Oh, abracadabra, man.

8. Abracadabra, Sam.

9. Well, abracadabra.

10. Abracadabra, homes.

11. Abracadabra?

12. Abracadabra now she's disappeared

13. Shout abracadabra fast.

14. Cue the abracadabra.

15. Okay, say abracadabra.

16. It's not abracadabra.

17. Abracadabra, pops.

18. [ singing ] Abracadabra

19. What happened to " abracadabra "?

20. Abracadabra, Halic, Banskobystrický, Slovakia

21. The angry Professor chanted abracadabra...

22. " Abracadabra. " I could do that.

23. Abracadabra, show the way!

24. We can do this, and abracadabra!

25. Originally, an Abracadabra was a cryptogram of the word “Abracadabra” that was repeated in diminishing form until it disappeared entirely—supposedly just like the targeted evil or misfortune after some Abracadabra

26. Alec does his magic and abracadabra, Kiera disappears.

27. We can do this... and abracadabra...

28. We can do this... and abracadabra

29. Covering " Abracadabra, " we present to you, Wonk- Eyed- Dog.

30. ‘The man seems quite fond of Abracadabra himself, going by what his partymen are planning for the poll campaigns.’ ‘He will impress Jack with some Abracadabra around the greens.’ ‘A bit of Abracadabra yields better research mice.’ ‘Like many of the illusionist's decisions, he used a bit of Abracadabra to make the purchase.’

31. Abracadabra - every magnet owner can become a magician!

32. REMASTERED IN HD!Steve Miller Band /“Abracadabra” -- the #1 single from the album of the same name.Music video by Steve Miller Band performing Abracadabra

33. Abracadabra, acey-docey, alakazam and Bela Lugosi!

34. It's called " Abracadabra. " And it is considered a modern classic.

यह " मंत्र. " कहा जाता है और यह एक आधुनिक क्लासिक माना जाता है.

35. In this context, the word Abracadabra has no literal meaning

36. About Abracadabra One balmy night, beachside in Tulum, magic happened

37. En Abracadabra creamos jabones hechos con amor y magia

38. Perplexingly, the Oxford English Dictionary agrees that Abracadabra is …

39. Abracadabra is an incantation used by stage magicians when performing a trick

40. 'Abracadabra,'said the conjuror as he pulled the rabbit from the hat.

41. Synonyms of Abracadabra 1 a spoken word or set of words believed to have magic power originally, an Abracadabra was a cryptogram of the word "Abracadabra" that was repeated in diminishing form until it disappeared entirely—supposedly just like the targeted evil or misfortune

42. Abracadabra, hop toad pie, look your grandpa in the eye.

43. As it all cools down, drips out here, and abracadabra.

44. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Abracadabra on your desktop or mobile device.

45. Abracadabra was a Daily Prophet newspaper segment that presumably covered sorcery

46. Una cancion muy bonita del grupo Abracadabra si les gusta boten por ella

47. Abracadabra Steve Miller Band Rock · 1982 Preview SONG TIME Keeps Me Wondering Why

48. Therefore, Min-Soo Lee, who worked with BEG previously, helped and composed the refrain part of "Abracadabra."

49. However, in ancient times the word Abracadabra was considered to be a mystical incantation with great power

50. Abracadabra is considered to be the most universally adopted phrase that is pronounced in other languages without translation