abrasion in Hindi

abrasion 1. रगड़ "The area with abrasion has become red."

Sentence patterns related to "abrasion"

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1. Abrasion may be classified as flat Abrasion, edge Abrasion or flex Abrasion

2. Abrasion-loss measuring device, abrasion-loss measuring method, abrasion-loss measuring program, and recording medium

3. Abrasion test


5. Abrasion device

6. Abrasion tester

7. Abrasion-resistant materials

8. Cutting, polishing (abrasion)

9. Burnishing by abrasion

10. High abrasion factor.

11. Abrasion-resistant belt

12. Outsoles abrasion resistance:

13. Resistance to abrasion

14. Abrasion resistant fabric

15. Abrasion detection device, wind power generator equipped therewith, and abrasion detection method

16. EN #- Outsoles- Abrasion resistance

17. Abrasion resistant conveyor belt

18. Abrasion-resistant catalyst carrier

19. Abrasion-resistant composite sheet

20. Abrasion-resistant decor sheet

21. Abrasion instruments (machine tools)

22. Abrasion resistant coated wire

23. Burnishing coins by abrasion

24. Abrasion and microslip test

25. Test of resistance to abrasion

26. Strong concrete is more Abrasion

27. Cutting of materials by abrasion

28. Linings (abrasion sheets) of metal

29. Abrasion testing no longer required.

30. Abrasion resistant track shoe grouser

31. Stone cutting, abrasion, grinding, polishing

32. Abrasion-etch texturing of glass

33. Abrasion resistance resists mechanical wear

34. Cutting of metals by abrasion


36. Abrasion definition: An Abrasion is an area on a person's body where the skin has been scraped

37. An abrasion-resistant sheet comprising a single binder resin and other abrasion-resistant sheets are also disclosed.

38. Abrasion tests are given in IMO Resolution # of # ctober # for testing the abrasion resistance of reflective film

39. Articles coated with abrasion resistant coating

40. Dispersion for producing abrasion-resistant surfaces

41. Carbide-based abrasion resistant composite material

42. Synonyms for Abrasion in Free Thesaurus

43. Abrasion wear resistant coated substrate product

44. Carbides provide wear and abrasion protection.

45. Diamonds have extreme resistance to abrasion.

46. An abrasion-resistant sheet comprising a single binder resin and other abrasion- resistant sheets are also disclosed.

47. No abrasion test/symbol is required

48. • Compression moulding of abrasion resistant liners

49. Polyester fiber with improved abrasion resistance

50. Low refractive index composition, abrasion resistant anti-reflective coating, and method for forming abrasion resistant anti-reflective coating