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abolition 1. उन्मूलन "There has been an abolition of Excise tax."

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1. Abolition synonyms, Abolition pronunciation, Abolition translation, English dictionary definition of Abolition

2. Abolition definition, the act of abolishing or the state of being abolished: the Abolition of war;the Abolition of capital punishment;the Abolition of unfair taxes

3. Abolition of monopolies

4. (Definition of Abolition from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Abolition

5. Abolition of tax privileges.

6. Find another word for Abolition

7. Ultimately, Abolition is a verb, a …

8. Abolitionism, also called Abolition movement, (c

9. Abolition and the Abolitionists Abolition and the Abolitionists From the 1820s until the start of the U.S

10. Socialism aims at the abolition of class struggle by the abolition of classes and having one class .

समाजवाद का मकसद वर्गों को मिटाकर और सिर्फ एक ही वर्ग रखकर वर्ग संघर्ष को खत्म कर देना है .

11. The abolition of escheat has meant the abolition of the last of the practical consequences of free tenure.

12. Balladeers contributed to the abolition of slavery

13. Abolitionism, also called abolition movement, (c

14. Extension of working hours or Abolition ...

15. The Abolition movement created sectionalism in America

16. New groups were introduced that supported Abolition

17. Abolition A Journal & Community of Radical Theory & Practice “Abolition requires that we change one thing, which is everything

18. They declared for the abolition of slavery.

19. (Ro 7:13, 23, 24) The abolition of death, therefore, would require the abolition of that which produces death: sin.

20. Declaration on the abolition of the death penalty

21. Abolition of the corresponding re-coupled direct aids |

22. Both agencies are targeted for abolition by Republicans.

23. Their discussion centred around the abolition of slavery.

24. What does Abolitions mean? Plural form of abolition

25. In 1863, however, came the abolition of slavery.

26. Is the total abolition of slavery in sight?

27. His Slave Medallion brought public attention to abolition.

28. We therefore recommend the abolition of this rule.

29. 68/360/EEC abolition of restrictions on movement

30. It demanded the abolition of the Family Code.

31. Abolition: the doing away with something by formal action.

32. The abolition of car tax is a good idea.

33. The abolition of the transfer system is inevitable.

34. the abolition of serfdom in Russia in 18

35. He helped direct the Abolition of the han system.

36. Will the abolition of slavery ever become a reality?

37. Sadly, because of abolition, it was also the last.

38. The slaves got freedom after the abolition of slavery.

39. (Proverbs 2:22) That means the abolition of crime.

(नीतिवचन २:२२) इसका अर्थ है कि अपराध का अन्त होगा।

40. Abuses eventually led to the abolition of this arrangement.

इनके दुरुपयोग के कारण अंततः इस व्यवस्था को रद्द कर दिया गया।

41. The Digital Abolitionist is a platform on prison abolition

42. Belarus: Ending Executions in Europe: Towards abolition of the ...

43. • The context surrounding the abolition of the seigneurial regime.

44. Abolition of 1 post (National General Service Administrative Assistant)

45. We also welcome the abolition of the binary divide.

46. Continue reform towards eventual abolition of the death penalty, including greater transparency around its use (New Zealand); Continue towards the abolition of death penalty (Rwanda); Continue to work towards the full abolition of death penalty and consider adopting an immediate de facto moratorium (Portugal); Consider the abolition of the death penalty in its legal system (Argentina) ;Work towards abolition of the death penalty (Australia); Proceed to the establishment of a moratorium on the application of the death penalty as a first step to its definitive abolition (Spain);

47. Abolition of discriminatory penal provisions (art # (g) of the Convention

48. The act of Abrogating; a repeal by authority; abolition

49. (c) increases in or the abolition of tariff quotas.

50. Other changes included the abolition of the death penalty.