inedible in English

not fit or suitable for eating.
an inedible variety of mushroom

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1. Attingence Incredible inedible improvisation

2. The fish was quite inedible.

3. The food was totally inedible.

4. The meat was inedible.

5. The waiters were rude, the food inedible.

6. They can transform the inedible into nutritive.

7. Ate Chinese traditional medicine what inedible there is?

8. Gordon: This tastes awful. It's inedible.

9. Sometimes the food was totally inedible.

10. These chemicals make the fruit inedible.

11. The grapes it produced were small and hard, inedible.

12. Because of the presence of chemicals, many fish are inedible.

13. We stock all the standard edible and inedible sausage Casings

14. Once a plant has fully Bolted, the plant is normally inedible

15. The meat was so burnt that it was inedible.

16. The meat had been cooked so long that it was inedible.

17. • the fruit was so acrid as to be almost inedible;

18. Sandi found most of the things on her plate inedible.

19. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the inedible Agaric crossword clue

20. The venomous spines make the fish inedible or deter most potential predators.

21. It is mixed with potato salad and is a heavy, almost inedible concoction.

22. The food was bland at best, and at worst completely inedible.

23. Abaca natural fiber comes from a species of inedible banana native to the Philippines

24. Like the inedible middle of an apple or your inner circle of Core friends.

25. Some individual birds do not use edible bait, but inedible lures, such as feathers.

26. This kind of oil is inedible and is used principally for lighting.

27. Mark hadn't realized that the leaves of the rhubarb plant were inedible.

28. He opened the second can and that too was filled with the same inedible mess.

29. Capers are overwhelmingly bitter in their raw state, so much so that they are inedible

30. The SS saw to it that the food we got was foul and almost inedible.

31. Adequate facilities to render or denature the inedible meat product as applicable must be provided.

32. Probably due to the acrid taste, most western European authorities classify this mushroom as inedible or poor.

33. It's inedible, but who would want to bother anyway, since they are at most two inches high!

34. Since the caterpillars have very bright distinctive colours, the birds quickly recognise that they are inedible and leave them alone.

35. After some Buttinskies brought their friends ahead of us and we waited for overcooked eggs and inedible sausage

36. The plums are so bitter by themselves, Mrs Sano tells us in her gentle voice, that they are almost inedible.

37. Gregor had declared inedible two days earlier, a slice of dry bread, and a slice of salted bread smeared with butter.

38. 12 With increasing stocking rates, the number of sedge family species which are drought-resistance and inedible by livestock showed increasing numbers.

39. To be inaccessible to cars translation spanish, English - Spanish dictionary, meaning, see also 'inaccessibility',insensible',incredible',inedible', example of use

40. Noun any climbing, woody vine or shrub belonging to the genus Ampelopsis, of the grape family, having small greenish flowers and inedible berries.

41. In Bible times, grain was threshed, or trampled, crushed, and beaten, on outdoor threshing floors to separate out the inedible parts of the grain, called Chaff.

42. Byproducts--edible offal, inedible offal, blood, hides, and rendered products--include virtually all parts of the live animal that are not part of the dressed carcass

43. 20 But some can be found at your local hardware store, though in inedible products like low tox antifreeze, silicone caulk, soap, sunscreen, and play sand.

44. This leaves behind the oat groat, and oat Bran is the outer layer of this oat groat kernel, which is right underneath the inedible grain portion.

45. Pearl Barley is created when unhulled Barley is polished, removing the inedible coating and creating pearled Barley grains with a smooth surface and quicker cooking time.

46. From November 1941 to February 1942 the only food available to the citizen was 125 grams of bread per day, of which 50–60% consisted of sawdust and other inedible admixtures.

47. Coot There are also many ducks that people say are inedible, like the spoon bill and the merganser, mostly because of they are fish eating ducks but even those are more revered than the lowly Coot

48. Examples of Backswimmer in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The 0.01-inch-long water flea is able to change its body into a bigger (and thus more inedible) shape when threatened by a predator, …

49. In 1963, during my practical year from Architecture in Cape Town, working in London, I found myself in a Swiss Cottage Bedsitter with little money and zero cooking skills - and local restaurants with inedible food

50. Core is most familiar used as a noun referring to the central or most important part of something (“the Core of the issue,” “the Earth’s Core”) or to the usually inedible central part of a fruit (“an apple Core”)