Use "inefficient" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "inefficient" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "inefficient", or refer to the context using the word "inefficient" in the English Dictionary.

1. Simon was inefficient.

2. - Risk of inefficient allocation of resources;

3. I'm hopelessly inefficient at mending things.

4. Maintaining inefficient firms afloat (290)

5. Maintaining inefficient firms afloat ( 137 )

6. The manager cleaned out inefficient personnel.

7. Crony Capitalism: Inefficient, Unjust, and Corrupting

8. He is inefficient and must be replaced.

9. The whole system is inefficient and corrupt.

10. So this is a profoundly inefficient process.

11. The whole process is wasteful and inefficient.

12. The government refuses to prop up inefficient industries.

13. The train company is overstaffed and notoriously inefficient.

14. Weaker, inefficient ones may be seen as liabilities.

15. Existing methods of production are expensive and inefficient.

16. Bullock power to produce wheat is very inefficient.

17. The company was inefficient because it was highly bureaucratic.

18. The department has been accused of being inefficient and hugely overstaffed.

19. 16 The welfare system is grossly inequitable and inefficient.

20. The protesters say the government is corrupt and inefficient.

21. The new boss was the scourge of the inefficient.

22. Agitated employees may be described as inefficient or difficult

23. The region's heavy industry is still inefficient and moribund.

24. You know how inefficient and tyrannical government bureaucracies are.

25. The government was perceived to be inert and inefficient.

26. 4 The new boss was the scourge of the inefficient.

27. Overall, barter is a very inefficient means of organizing transactions.

28. Second, the state will continue to prop up inefficient state enterprises.

29. The proxy might be efficient when the market portfolio is inefficient.

30. We have 1.4 million expensively deployed, inefficient radio cellular base stations.

31. We have 1. 4 million expensively deployed, inefficient radio cellular base stations.

32. No one doubts that this is both morally vexing and economically inefficient.

33. Treasury’s Yellen Criticizes bitcoin again as ‘inefficient’ and highly speculative Published: Feb

34. Production was on the whole inefficient and the cost of production high .

35. People would succumb to temptation and revert to familiar if inefficient form.

36. After 1945, Scotland's economic situation worsened due to overseas competition, inefficient industry, and industrial disputes.

37. Another is that an overlapping job assignment represents an inefficient allocation of labour.

38. The caber discharger , which is widely used in every oil field, is inefficient.

39. So you see, imagination needs moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling , dawdling and puttering.

40. 24 Hospital emergency rooms are inconvenient and inefficient sources for routine ambulatory care.

41. 14 Third, it is time to privatize Pemex, the inefficient state oil company.

42. Most computer users have never received any formal keyboard training. Consequently, their keyboard skills are inefficient.

43. We still have another work left with us --- to weed out those inefficient people.

44. Nonconformists saw slavery as an affront to their religion; utilitarians dismissed it as inefficient.

45. 28 So you see, imagination needs moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling , dawdling and puttering.

46. A machine fitted on the wrong side will be inefficient and wear out quickly.

47. Because of a - long - term planned economy, our companies are inefficient in resources collocation.

48. But something that is by definition inefficient is fairly certain also to be undignified.

49. 8 Illogic often reigns and markets are enormously inefficient despite what the academics believe.

50. As regards their equipment, as techniques have advanced, inefficient machines have been systematically "scrapped".