Use "inequitable" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "inequitable" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "inequitable", or refer to the context using the word "inequitable" in the English Dictionary.

1. More often, though, bubbles are inequitable.

2. The system as It'stands now, is inequitable.

3. 16 The welfare system is grossly inequitable and inefficient.

4. Little brother strange elder brother is too inequitable, disapprobation.

5. Of course, requirement Yahoo achieves this one goal and inequitable.

6. 4 Little brother strange elder brother is too inequitable, disapprobation.

7. The distribution of medical services has always been both unequal and inequitable.

8. All societies are evil, sorrowful, inequitable; and so they will always be.

9. To court voters, Richard Nixon had ended the inequitable and unpopular draft.

10. Brian Christens studies organizations’ efforts to change inequitable systems and benefit their communities

11. It is inequitable in the world. That is bogus if some one saying dispassion.

12. The inequitable apportionment of costs and benefits sets the table for long-term disaster.

13. Therefore, courts will usually implements act of state doctrine even where it leads to inequitable results.

14. Public policy addresses health inequalities attributable to modifiable factors, especially those that are perceived as inequitable.

15. ● “Homelessness is a sign of the inequitable distribution of housing costs and benefits in the community.”

16. Mandeersen emphasizes, we won't return the quota period of textile again quota again is unreasonable , inequitable.

17. Nepal’s mountainous landscape, poverty and inequitable rural/urban distribution of health workers pose barriers to adequate health care.

18. Certainly, no good ethical case has been made to justify differential or inequitable treatment on such arbitrary grounds.

19. Alternatively, it is claimed, such a system would be inequitable since poorer motorists would be driven off the roads.

20. If size of school at some stages is related to educational opportunities then the retention of small rural schools is inequitable.

21. -An increasing number of economists and policymakers Clamored for more direct attacks on widespread absolute poverty, increasingly inequitable income distributions, and rising unemployment

22. Index Code: 010 Alleged inequitable marking - 011 Adequacy & accuracy of expected answers - 019, 020 and 021 Assessments of Knowledge, Abilities, & Personal Suitability Alleged:

23. The Inequitable Conduct 'Plague' in U. S. Patent Litigation: Is It Over and is the CAFC Moving Away from An Absolute Liability Standard?

24. Leaving it to the market was thought to be slow, inefficient, and inequitable, so the commune system of Collectivized agriculture was implemented in the 1950s as one solution to the problem

25. 2 law : serving to correct or negate We have instructed that if a complaint is vulnerable to … dismissal, a district court must permit a Curative amendment, unless an amendment would be inequitable or futile.

26. Actualizing Equity 2020 focused on the disconnects between institutional and community definitions of equity, and highlighted how even the most well-intentioned programs or practices will not bring the transformative changes we need if they continue to be embedded within deeply inequitable systems

27. VERDICT A delightful gaslamp fantasy that will please readers of Gail Carriger and Kate Locke.” –Library Journal @library_journal “With a satisfying bite, this steampunk venture includes an insightful twist on the British Empire, making frequent nods to Queen Victoria’s Bloodthirstiness and the era’s inequitable treatment of women.