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1. There is always inequity in life.

2. Inequity and discrimination within the licensing process

3. Inequity Aversion research on humans mostly occurs in

4. The investment inequity company should meet that objective.

5. The consequences of such inequity could be grave.

6. Absolutely, and -And we see a certain inequity, That

7. Inequity in access to social services is also worrisome.

8. Inequity will not be eliminated by the year 20

9. He can see the inequity in down the price of that.

10. When inequity Aversion goes the other way, things get particularly interesting

11. An inequity in salaries is an obvious drawback in the industry.

12. We changed the landscape for solving the problem of payroll inequity.

13. • use absolute average errors, as inequity can either be positive or negative;

14. Use absolute average errors, as inequity can either be positive or negative.

15. I have loved justice and hated inequity ; and therefore I die in exile.

16. Inequity Aversion (IA) is the preference for fairness and resistance to incidental inequalities

17. The inequity in health care policy and medical practice mainly involves vulnerable groups.

18. The problem of Information inequity, to some extent , can be solved by the market.

19. The very existence of such a fund serves to emphasise the inequity of the present law.

20. The social sciences that study inequity Aversion include sociology, economics, psychology, anthropology, and ethology Human studies

21. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Release a Statement Condemning "Inequity and Racial Bigotry" in Media

22. And if I would also look at India, you have another type of inequity, actually, in India.

23. In it, Perry, a Black woman, Alleges she experienced “countless microaggressions and inequity” during her time there

24. For example, a national strategy to address inequity may not translate well to local, ground-level thinking.

25. We acknowledge the pervasiveness of inequity — and are working to correct it Learn more You are now leaving

26. It is obvious to those of us who live, breath and experience inequity daily, that equity remains an Afterthought

27. Sometimes receiving more than others can cause us to reject an offer – this is known as advantageous inequity Aversion

28. The Institute for Equity Activism provides leaders with the skills to recognize and disrupt cycles of discrimination, inequality, and inequity

29. YouTube has been acting as an arbitrageur of media, equalizing an inequity in the market place – and getting very rich in the process.

30. Associated Press NCAA ‘Actively working’ to enhance amenities at women’s basketball tournament after social media posts reveal inequity in weight room facilities

31. It could be argued that it came too late to correct the inequity completely, but at least it was a partial correction.

32. Yet despite this inequity and partially because of it, a larger degree of the indigenous peoples retained their campestral culture, wisdom and knowledge.

33. COVID Vaccine Inequity, Chicago Edition: Hospital Gives Doses Meant for Hard-Hit Black Chicagoans to Trump's Son, Hotel Employees and Luxury Store Workers

34. He became increasingly aware of the inequity of the existing social system with affluence on the one hand and stark misery on the other .

35. Carpool Lanes Encourage EV Sales but Increase Inequity Electric vehicle incentive programs, like the Clean Air Vehicle decal program, which gives access to Carpool …

36. Colorism is bias, prejudice, discrimination, or inequity based on the relative skin tone, hair texture, and facial features among persons of the same race

37. Exelberg Codependent relationships are thus constructed around an inequity of power that promotes the needs of the taker, leaving the giver to keep on giving often

38. The following are different forms of Aversion: Ambiguity Aversion; Brand Aversion; Dissent Aversion in the United States of America; Endowment effect, also known as divestiture Aversion; Inequity Aversion

39. The abnormally high vacancy rate in some field missions reflected an inequity in the compensation of staff, including those paid at the single rate, assigned to non-family duty stations.

40. His Antiracism center’s research team aims to answer those questions by creating the nation’s largest racial inequity database and using its findings to inform the public about racial disparities.

41. Bukiet on Brooklyn Books Most damningly, this mode of (un) ethical (un) reasoning is responsible for all manner of inequity and iniquity, since the Ascription of "essential" and "perverted

42. In reply, Mr. Anderson alleges that there is a "gross inequity" in current Air Canada "bumping" procedures given that such procedures permit deep discount fare passengers to travel, while full fare passengers are "displaced".

43. Amoke Kubat is an artist, weaver, sacred doll maker, and sometimes stand-up comedian, who uses her art to speak truth to power and hold a position of wellness in an America sick with inequality and inequity

44. The mission of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research is to convene researchers and practitioners from various disciplines to figure out novel and practical ways to understand, explain, and solve seemingly intractable problems of racial inequity and injustice.

45. The goal of Compeer is to ensure that individuals are fairly recognized for their merits and that the crisis does not create undue divisions and inequity between people, and that everyone is engaged in enhancing the academic experience for all and conducting research in a more sustainable, responsible and impactful way

46. The work of Bloomed aspires to these values: EQUITY FOCUSED: Design for Equity, Be Anti-Racist, Be Inclusive, Develop Skills of All, Transform Systems of Inequity STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: Thoughtful Decision-Making, Many Right Ways with Long-Term In Mind GROWTH MINDSET: Be Okay with Discomfort Knowing it is Essential to Grow and Learn

47. Brainwashed is based on director Nina Menkes's cinematic presentation, Sex and Power, the Visual Language of Cinema, that uses film clips by A-list directors from the 1940s through to the present, to show how the visual grammar of cinema contributes to conditions that create discriminatory hiring practice, pay inequity and a pervasive environment of sexual harassment in the film industry and beyond.