encouraging piece of news in English

heartening bit of information, reassuring or comforting informatio

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1. Her face beautified at the encouraging news.

2. We were very pleased to hear this encouraging news.

3. This is one piece of good news.

4. That's the only piece of good news.

5. It's a not unwelcome piece of news.

6. Don't blurt out this piece of news.

7. Then we received a crushing piece of news.

8. The announcer Broadcasted a piece of amusing news: 28

9. Well,[Sentencedict.com ] that's one good piece of news at any rate.

10. The breaking story or most important piece of news dominates the screen.

11. We interrupt our normal transmissions to bring you a piece of special news.

12. Emerald Yeh, the news anchor, wanted to do a telephone piece.

13. The current reply, adapted and piece of news, it is possible to see in Santo Domingo.

14. Thank you.I'll store that piece of news away for a time when I might need it.

15. Recently I saw a piece of news on the weband I thought it was hilariously ridiculous.

16. Encouraging regional integration of trade.

17. Encouraging accidental clicks

18. It's very encouraging.

19. encouraging exchanges of Community and Andean Pact scientists,

20. There are encouraging signs of an artistic revival.

21. We offer a huge selection of 3 piece, 2.5 piece, 2 piece and 1 piece Cranks

22. The economics of the project are very encouraging.

23. But Yale's family, so of course he's encouraging.

24. Encouraging Words for the Students

25. Synonyms: consoling, encouraging, cheering, reassuring More Synonyms of Comforting