inebriates in English

a drunkard.
Philostratus in turn described Andros as a land of Cockaigne for inebriates .
make (someone) drunk; intoxicate.
The old man was not inebriated or hurt by a passing vehicle.

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1. Synonyms for Barflies include tipplers, alcoholics, drunks, drunkards, boozers, drinkers, inebriates, winos, dipsomaniacs and imbibers

2. Synonyms for Bibbers include tipplers, alkies, sponge, boozers, juicers, carousers, barflies, dipsomaniacs, boozehounds and inebriates

3. Belair was the location of the first facility for the treatment of alcoholism in South Australia, at the Belair Home for Inebriates