encouragingly in English


in an encouraging manner, in a heartening manne

Use "encouragingly" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "encouragingly" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "encouragingly", or refer to the context using the word "encouragingly" in the English Dictionary.

1. 18 The results encouragingly satisfactory.

2. 1 The attendance was encouragingly high.

3. The attendance was encouragingly high.

4. 8 Alexandra nodded to her encouragingly.

5. 9 He was encouragingly cheered by the crowd.

6. 4 " Go on, " he said encouragingly to his student.

7. 2 "You're doing really well," her midwife said encouragingly.

8. 10 More encouragingly, remittances to developing countries also expanded.

9. 21 Mrs Cohen shuffles away, then turns and waves at me encouragingly.

10. 5 As if she reads his mind, she moans encouragingly.

11. 20 Encouragingly , however, more and more workers are doing just that.

12. 11 Against all expectations, the theatre reopened to encouragingly large audiences.

13. 15 Come, dearest child!'said Hester encouragingly,(www.Sentencedict.com) and stretching out both her arms.

14. 7 Encouragingly the past couple of months have seen an upturn in measured revenues.

15. 16 But, most encouragingly, there'd been no sign of any recurrence of the hallucinations.

16. 13 Encouragingly, Mr Erdogan is dropping hints that he will move in this direction.

17. Antonyms for Chillingly include blissfully, gladly, happily, joyfully, joyously, reassuringly, comfortingly, encouragingly, upliftingly and hearteningly

18. 3 My mother smiled encouragingly at me as I went up on stage.

19. On occasion, she would meet Ted's eyes, and he would wink, and nod his head encouragingly.

20. 14 Encouragingly, hedge funds are itching to take advantage of the attractive financing terms.

21. 22 On occasion, she would meet Ted's eyes, and he would wink, and nod his head encouragingly.

22. 19 Encouragingly, the drop - out rate, an important measurement of affordability and educational quality, has also fallen.

23. 12 Hezekiah spoke encouragingly to all the Levites showed good understanding of the service of the LORD.

24. Synonyms for Auspiciously include fortunately, promisingly, propitiously, favourably, favorably, opportunely, advantageously, encouragingly, goldenly and brightly

25. Synonyms for Affirmatively include approvingly, consentingly, positively, favourably, encouragingly, supportively, acquiescently, confirmatively, favorably and goodly

26. 23 She hurried downstairs and saw Sam Morgan standing beside the van, smiling at her encouragingly.

27. 6 But the new West Indies proved encouragingly resilient, repeatedly getting up off the canvas to deliver the final knockout punch.

28. 17 The inbuilt competition of these developments points encouragingly at a corresponding increase in the quality of content, creativity and technical competence...

29. 24 "Lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the light within it and the stars surrounding it, " Jesus tells him encouragingly. "The star that leads the way is your star."