encounter battle in English

battle which takes place as a result of an unexpected encounter with the enemy (often planned by the enemy)

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1. Battle definition, a hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces: the Battle of Waterloo

2. Participation in such an encounter or encounters: wounds received in Battle. 3

3. Battle definition is - a general encounter between armies, ships of war, or aircraft

4. Synonyms for Confrontation include conflict, contest, face-off, battle, encounter, fight, clash, head-to-head, set-to and brush

5. Our aim was not to win every battle, but to confound the enemies and make them paranoid after every encounter.

6. The Battle of Lepanto Anthologizes the work of twenty-two poets who composed Latin poetry in response to the news of the battle, the largest Mediterranean naval encounter since antiquity.

7. Dancing into Battle (Belgravia #1), A Chance Encounter (Belgravia #2), Family Ties (Belgravia #3), At Home in Belgrave Square (Belgravia #4), Julian Fel

8. This encounter is based off of “Battle of the Braggarts,” a low-level adventure hook presented in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, available now …

9. Accoutre ~ sounds like encounter.

10. encounter their first problem.

11. Often, elders encounter prejudice.

12. An Encounter Yields Fruitage

13. What trouble did you encounter?

14. Encounter God at Crossroads Church

15. We won't encounter any guns?

16. In World War II, the Battle of the Bulge was a decisive encounter occurring in 1944 between the Allied troops and the Germans in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium.

17. Encounter difficulty problem reintroduce to come.

18. Encounter Aberrations in combination than singly

19. One bad encounter with Bruce, and...

20. We'll encounter the anterior cerebral artery.

21. Then, suddenly, we encounter pouring rain.

22. It was his first sexual encounter .

23. Battle after battle, they returned victorious.

24. She didn't remember our encounter last summer.

25. When did you first encounter these difficulties?