humidification in English


act of making humid, process of making moist or damp

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "humidification" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "humidification", or refer to the context using the word "humidification" in the English Dictionary.

1. Humidification device and air conditioner provided with humidification device

2. Ensure humidification of stockpiles:

3. Medical humidification apparatus

4. Radiator having humidification function

5. Humidification chamber for dental implant

6. Humidification-type air cleaner

7. Heater unit humidification chamber monitor

8. Air cooling products, humidification equipment

9. Air humidification apparatus and instruments

10. Apparatus, cartridges, instruments and machines for air filtration, ventilation, humidification, de-humidification or conditioning of air

11. Air purification and air humidification apparatus

12. Droplet evaporation based self-cleaning humidification device

13. A humidification control unit is induced to increase or reduce humidification depending on a possible deviation from a predefined capacity.

14. System and method for air humidification

15. energy need for other (humidification, dehumidification)

16. Device for wetting and/or humidification processes

17. Equipment for aerosol therapy, humidification and nebulisation

18. Humidification apparatus for use with air conditioning apparatus

19. Arrangement for air humidification and for air washing

20. Ambient air purifier with humidification and dehumidification

21. Additional humidification systems can thus be discarded.

22. A circuit connector for a humidification system, the system comprising a base unit configured to be engaged by a humidification chamber.

23. Air purifier having dehumidification function and humidification function

24. Method and apparatus for humidification and warming of air

25. Humidification control unit and method of manufacturing same

26. Fuel cell stack humidification method incorporating an accumulation device

27. Porous ceramic structure, and dehumidification/humidification apparatus comprising same

28. Said device (1) permits the optimal humidification of the air.

29. Water supply device for humidification and air conditioner with the same

30. Details on our systems for direct room humidification and water treatment.

31. DRAABE employs direct air humidification systems for humidifying ambient air.

32. The humidification system includes a vapor transfer unit and a base unit.

33. The present disclosure relates to an air humidification system of a fuel cell stack.

34. The devices are used for air humidification, for concentrating solutions, or for evaporative cooling.

35. This equilibrium may be reached either by humidification or adsorption or dehumidification or desorption.

36. What are Bubblers? As noted above, Bubblers are a type of humidification device

37. The invention provides high humidification efficiency without the disadvantages of associated adiabatic cooling.

38. Humidification of inspired air is rather based on tradition than on sound scientific evidence.

39. The storage time of the spools after humidification can be predetermined within wide limits.

40. Electrochemical fuel cell stack with humidification section located upstream from the electrochemically active section

41. Installations and apparatus for air conditioning, air freshening, cooling, humidification, for drying and ventilating

42. – air-humidification per se, e.g. "room humidifiers", is covered by group F 24 F 6/00.

43. Medical apparatus and instruments delivering medical gases and humidification therapy to treat respiratory diseases and conditions

44. Dilutable powders for the hygiene, decongestion, disinfection and humidification of the nasal passages and sinuses

45. Sales and installation of air conditioning, heat pumps, humidification, furnaces and air purification systems.

46. The evaporation of pulverized water provides a means of combining air humidification and cooling.

47. A blower unit for use as part of an integrated blower/humidification system is described.

48. Apparatus and installations for the lighting, heating, cooling, humidification, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings

49. Pumps for fountains, swimming pools, aquariums, water treatment installations, sprinkler devices and air humidification apparatus

50. Respiratory tract humidifiers for medical use - Particular requirements for respiratory humidification systems (ISO 8185:2007)