pipelining in English

the laying of pipelines.
The agencies responsible for oil management are a complete hodgepodge, with seven different agencies having some degree of responsibility for some aspect of oil drilling, transport, pipelining , etc.
a form of computer organization in which successive steps of an instruction sequence are executed in turn by a sequence of modules able to operate concurrently, so that another instruction can be begun before the previous one is finished.
Instruction pipelining and prefetch and memory interleaving appeared in early IBM supercomputers and have become universal in today's microprocessors.
convey (a substance) by a pipeline.
design or execute (a computer or instruction) using the technique of pipelining.
At least one processor has a pipelined instruction execution unit.

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1. The Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (Beep) is a framework for creating network application protocols.Beep includes building blocks like framing, pipelining, multiplexing, reporting and authentication for connection and message-oriented peer-to-peer (P2P) protocols with support of asynchronous full-duplex communication