pipette in English

a slender tube attached to or incorporating a bulb, for transferring or measuring out small quantities of liquid, especially in a laboratory.
Lambda pipettes are used to transfer very small liquid volumes down to 1 microliter.
pour, convey, or draw off using a pipette.
Ten minutes after adding malate, we again pipetted the supernatant from the same dish into other test tubes.

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1. A multivolume pipette is provided.

2. Thoroughly mix using a Pasteur pipette.

3. In an exemplary embodiment, the multivolume pipette includes a pipette body , a piston disposed within the pipette body, a first chamber , a second chamber , and a valve F .

4. If the injection pipette is renewed between operations, solutions can be injected using the simpler in vitro injection pipette.

5. A very small pipette used in microinjection.

6. Always use pipette to transfer material, never pour.

7. Transfers of liquid cultures can also be made by pipette.

8. Never use the same pipette twice to avoid cross - contamination.

9. Burettes serve essentially the same purpose as a pipette.

10. If you touched any surface with a pipette - take another one.

11. The excess could be siphoned off or removed with a pipette.

12. Pipette # ml of wine into the previously tared platinum dish (original weight Po g

13. Unlike a pipette, the sample quantity delivered by a Burette is changeable

14. Thus they also provided the means for doing this: microsurgery, by pipette.

15. Using the battery's pipette, you insert your urine and the battery will begin recharging.

16. Then it is gripped by suction to the end of a pipette, under the microscope.

17. Blastocoel fluid removal procedure: (A) The embryo was positioned and kept immobile using a holding pipette

18. A facile and low - cost method was reported for fabricating carbon fiber microelectrodes with micro pipette tips.

19. Using a precision pipette, take an aliquot part as indicated in Table 1 of Method 2.1.

20. Pipette an aliquot part (8.1) of the solution to be analysed into a 400 millilitre beaker.

21. Systems need a pipette or disposable dropper (sold separately) placed in the free end of the Aspirator tubing

22. Electroporation cuvette-pipette tips, multi-well cuvette arrays, and electrode template apparatus adapted for automation and uses thereof

23. In each case the pipette should be gently inserted and withdrawn from the fluid in order to minimize disturbance.

24. If the chromosomes are in the pipette then they will glow-because they have been treated with fluorescent dye.

25. Aspirator Bulb found in: Vacuum Pressure Aspirator Bulbs, Scienceware® Bulb Pipettor, RF1000™ Pipette Controller, Rubber Pipetting Bulbs, Manual Pipet..

26. Ensure that the adhesion is successful by using the pipette to pass streams of buffer over the attached cells.

27. The pipette was wide enough to accommodate the cell nuclei easily, but too narrow to accommodate the whole cell.

28. 15 Ensure that the adhesion is successful by using the pipette to pass streams of buffer over the attached cells.

29. She had to be fed, as well as by me, with a kind of pipette, like a fountain pen filler.

30. In addition, a design scheme is presented to develop a micropipette puller, in order to fabricate good cell injection pipette.

31. Reasonable range of speed regulation of pipette grinding apparatus and allowable value of wobble amount are determined by means of test.

32. By virtue of several advantages, the precision weighing pipette is the simplest and most accurate apparatus now available for determining density of liquids.

33. Pipette identical aliquot parts of filtrate containing 50 to 100 μg of gossypol into each of two 25 ml graduated flasks (A and B).

34. The valve is also capable of placing the second chamber in fluid communication with the first chamber to provide a second volume range of the multivolume pipette.

35. Pipette 10,0 ml of stock standard solution (3.10.1) into a 100 ml graduated flask, make up to the mark with acidified methanol (3.8) and mix.

36. Axoplasms are transferred into microcentrifuge tubes where they are homogenized in 30 μl of SDS (1%) or other proper buffers by trituration with a P200 pipette

37. Axoplasms are transferred into microcentrifuge tubes where they are homogenized in 30 μl of SDS (1%) or other proper buffers by trituration with a P200 pipette

38. Using a pipette, take an aliquot portion of the extraction solution obtained by Method 8.1 or 8.3, containing between 15 and 50 milligrams of Ca (= 21 to 70 milligrams of CaO).

39. With a sterile pipette (4.2.4) transfer 5 ml sterile distilled water to a tube with stock culture (5.4.2) and wash the spores off the agar slant using a sterile loop.

40. Burets are devices used typically in analytical, quantitative chemistry applications for measuring liquid solution or gases. Differing from a pipette since the sample quantity delivered is changeable, graduated Burets are used heavily in titration experiments.

41. In each of two other animals a single afferent secondary neuron in the ventral cochlear nucleus was isolated by means of a fine glass-pipette-electrode, and the spontaneous activity was registered after severing the homolateral acoustic nerve.

42. The mud or sediment sample should be thoroughly mixed, e.g. in a blender, and, if necessary, diluted with a small proportion of de-aerated dilution water (paragraph 14) so that it is sufficiently mobile to be transferred by a coarse-tipped pipette or a measuring cylinder.

43. According to the presumed biuret content, transfer 25 or 50 ml from the solution mentioned in 7.2 with a pipette, place this quantity in a 100-ml graduated flask and neutralise if necessary with a 0,1 mol/l reagent (4.2 or 4.3) as required, using methyl red as an indicator and add, with the same accuracy as that used when drawing up a calibration curve, 20 ml of the alkaline solution of potassium sodium tartrate (4.4) and 20 ml of the copper solution (4.5).