piped in English

convey (water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances) through a pipe or pipes.
water from the lakes is piped to several towns
play (a tune) on a pipe or pipes.
Bag piper Sir Robert Bell piped the tune ‘Highland Cathedral’ as the many uniformed officers saluted their fallen comrade.
synonyms: play on a pipe tootle whistle flute
decorate (clothing or soft furnishings) with a thin cord covered in fabric.
I saw a cute little waistcoat in a Burda magazine, done in gingham fabric, piped all around the edges, and on the back was a placket done up with ties.

Use "piped" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "piped" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "piped", or refer to the context using the word "piped" in the English Dictionary.

1. The admiral was piped aboard.

2. Foreign guests were piped in.

3. 'Morning!' piped a cheery voice.

4. They piped water into a village.

5. The children piped up for this.

6. A youngster piped up, “They don’t celebrate!”

7. "That's right, mister," another child piped up.

8. He piped away all the sailors.

9. Water piped out from the accordion folds.

10. Nearly all the shops have piped music.

11. He piped "Happy Birthday" on the cake.

12. Gas is piped to all the houses.

13. He piped so that we could dance.

14. She piped the skirt with blue silk.

15. The smallest child piped up with the answer.

16. 2 He piped so that we could dance.

17. Suddenly the band piped up a military tune.

18. Our area is being piped for hot water.

19. The cake had 'Happy Birthday' piped on it.

20. 25 Our area is being piped for hot water.

21. Water is piped from the reservoir to the city.

22. A lot of oil is piped in from Alaska.

23. Now all Piped Water Schemes in the State are functional.

24. He'd piped fresh cream around the edge of the cake.

25. The wind had piped up to half a gale overnight.

26. The heated gas is piped through a coil surrounded by water.

27. The waste water is piped away to a special place.

28. There was the inevitable piped Muzak but it was mercifully unobtrusive.

29. Passengers were piped aboard ship at the start of the cruise.

30. The person next to me piped up with a silly comment.

31. Most of the houses in the capital don't have piped water.

32. Eighty per cent of sewage is piped directly into the sea.

33. The inlet should be piped from the boiler Blowdown valves, using sch

34. He yanked at the roof. Water piped out from the accordion folds.

35. On seeing the teacher coming, the students in the classroom piped down.

36. Officers' caps (M38) were piped in silver or aluminum (gold for generals).

37. Paul, who was in the back, piped up, plain as anything, play them.

38. Pleasant music to listen to is piped in through the whole building.

39. Street lighting is spasmodic and piped water comes in sluggish fits and starts.

40. Activated sludge will be piped from the settling basin to the pump unit.

41. 10 Hot water is piped to all apartments from the central boiler room.

42. In a little while all the children piped up and began to dance.

43. Churros are usually made of a batter which is piped into extremely hot oil

44. At natural hot springs or geysers, water can be piped directly into radiators.

45. I piped up in his defense, having had moments to collect my thoughts.

46. The gas was piped down from the central gas station to the sub-stations.

47. 'I know the answer,' piped up a voice at the back of the room.

48. Piped water supply is being provided to 77 per cent of households in the State.

49. The lake water passes through a filter before it is piped to our homes.

50. It is played during the half time of football games, and is piped into stores.