pipers in English

a bagpipe player.
AS THE drone of the bagpipes settles into a pleasing skirl, the piper enters and a hush falls over the crowd.
a person who plays a pipe, especially an itinerant musician.
MacDonald himself will play various pipes and flute, accompanied by seven other pipers and four backing musicians.

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1. It's 11 pipers piping, I'm way off, I'm sorry.

2. Burmah House Pipers Way Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 1RE United Kingdom (0793) 511521 Fax: (0793) 513506

3. Bagpipes are considered family heirlooms and the pipers provide their own.

4. Our Ceilidhs feature a superb visiting Scottish traditional band, and local pipers, singers and instrumentalists

5. r/Bagpipes: A community for pipers, drummers, and enthusiasts of the Scottish Great Highland bagpipe, Smallpipes, Border pipes, or any other …

6. Typical of the north are the traditional bag pipers or gaiteros, mainly in Asturias and Galicia.

7. Pipers and Pipe Bands will regularly play practice Chanters to learn and refine tunes before playing on bagpipes, so it is worth spending time to select your ideal Chanter.

8. To join with the Scottish pipers, players traveled not just from Europe, Canada, and the United States but even from as far afield as Hong Kong and the Pacific island of Guam.

9. I remember thinking that internet-based Bagpipe instruction would be a huge deal for pipers, especially for those with no opportunities for high-quality local instruction

10. Dobson concludes his article: “I hope Americans will not abandon their rich heritage of values to follow the pied pipers of behavioral nonsense, particularly with reference to our children.”

11. ‘Some purists insist that Balmorals are not ‘berets’ but ‘civilians’ call a Scottish blue bonnet a beret.’ ‘He is a specialist in the production of highland hats such as glengarries for pipers/drummers and Balmorals …