pipeline in English

a long pipe, typically underground, for conveying oil, gas, etc., over long distances.
Stretching over 895 kilometres, the pipeline will convey gas from Mozambican gas fields to South Africa.
a linear sequence of specialized modules used for pipelining.
The nation's two largest cable operators are in the midst of opening up their high-speed pipelines to rival Internet service providers.
convey (a substance) by a pipeline.

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1. 17 Xu Qiang, Financial Assets Department, PetroChina Pipeline Company, Gao Airu, Pipeline Technology Center, PetroChina Pipeline Company.

2. Pipeline Occurrences[D]f5 One indicator of pipeline transportation safety in Canada is the pipeline accident rate.

3. EIektra's pipeline.

4. For pipeline gas with admixture

5. Models.Coherencemodel – Topic Coherence pipeline

6. • Diesel fuel pipeline following access route corridor and located adjacent to the concentrate slurry pipeline;

7. They're buying up oil pipeline.

8. Descaling device for water pipeline

9. An Oil Pipeline for Peru

10. LAG-3 Antagonist pipeline report provides the therapeutic assessment of the pipeline drugs by the Route of Administration

11. The Druzhba pipeline starts in Almetyevsk.

12. Interviewer: What about the Iran pipeline?

13. But he was impatient for Pipeline.

14. Question: Since India has serious security concerns on Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, what about the TAPI pipeline?

15. Pipeline flow meters can transmit erroneous flow information and the corrosion rate of the pipeline is dramatically increased.

16. MSC unleashes safety report on pipeline Boring …

17. * Today’s pipeline systems have evolved and multiplied.

18. Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer pipeline report provides the therapeutic assessment of the pipeline drugs by the Route of Administration

19. Marvelous Bedsitters to let in Pipeline Nairobi

20. Map-Reduce to Aggregation Pipeline; Aggregation Reference

21. It's all comin'in through the rectal pipeline.

22. Long time corrosion fatigued the oil pipeline.

23. MSC unleashes safety report on pipeline Boring practices

24. A pipeline rupture halted supplies of natural gas.

25. The pipeline is no longer a remote possibility.

26. Snow prevented workers from reaching the broken pipeline.

27. For this was the extraordinary thing about Pipeline.

28. Bedsitters to let in Pipeline Nairobi - 7,000 ksh

29. Pixel engine pipeline for a 3d graphics accelerator

30. 5 They reported that the pipeline had ruptured.

31. 16 Sector pipeline shed arrangement is used in terms of the main mechanism of pipeline shed timbering, landform, geologic conditions and load.

32. The pipeline will carry Crude oil to the refinery

33. The girth weld of an offshore pipeline is fractured.

34. And Pipeline is the most violent of the lot.

35. Heat Biologics' pipeline consists of three clinical-stage

36. Acuminulate 866-891-0786 Saturday mail delivery pipeline

37. Russia has another pipeline to play with : OPAL.

38. The pipeline that carried oxygen and nutrients is gone.

39. Who is the driving force in the pipeline development?

40. For instance the Tapi pipeline is one such thing.

41. View a graphical representation of the Phonon GStreamer Pipeline

42. If left unchecked, corrosion will eventually weaken the pipeline.

43. Clomp - CLinically Okay Metagenomic Pipeline A entirely open source, fast, accurate, multi-sample and highly configurable end to end metagenomics pipeline for the people.

44. The asynchronous pipeline may also incorporate clocked CMOS logic gates.

45. Restrictor for controlling air pressure in liner slipped into pipeline

46. Discussions on an India-Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline are ongoing.

47. He laid the Foundation Stone for pipeline and road projects.

48. 6 A pipeline runs from the wells to the seaport.

49. 15 Consumerism, the modern goldmine and pipeline, roll merrily along.

50. Breaking or injury of a submarine cable or pipeline