pipes in English

a tube of metal, plastic, or other material used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances.
Roads, bridges, utility lines, water and sewer pipes , and other supporting services have to be rebuilt.
a narrow tube made from wood, clay, etc., with a bowl at one end for containing burning tobacco, the smoke from which is drawn into the mouth.
Household objects ranging from baskets to pipes for smoking tobacco are made out of bamboo.
convey (water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances) through a pipe or pipes.
water from the lakes is piped to several towns

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1. Pipes, absorbent paper for tobacco pipes, pipe racks (for tobacco pipes)

2. Carry a wide variety of pipes, Bubblers, water pipes, metal pipes, rolling papers & much more

3. Pipes, pipe elbows, pipe clips, junctions of metal for pipes

4. Ventilating elements, in particular aluminium flexible pipes, ventilating round pipes and corner pipes, and reducing adapters of metal

5. Silicone Pipe with metal Insert, Smoking Bowls, Silicone Pipes, Tobacco Bowls, Tobacco Pipes, Colored Pipes, Bowls for Smoking, Glass Pipes SmokersVice 5 out of 5 stars (103) $ 5.75

6. Monotropsis odorata - Sweet Pinesap, Pygmy Pipes, Carolina Beechdrops, Appalachian Pygmy Pipes

7. Method for butt welding cross-linked polyethylene pipes (pe-x pipes)

8. air-intake pipes

9. Flush the pipes

10. Pipes-another (GL

11. Fix leaky pipes and insulate pipes prone to Condensationto limit access towater

12. Exhaust pipes and fittings of stainless steel, junctions for pipes, adapter pieces

13. So think about water flowing in pipes, where the pipes have different thickness.

14. All pipes mushrooming at the top called as Calabash pipes or Calabash design

15. Ammonia and hydrogen pipes.

16. What's inside your pipes?

17. Ducts and pipes crisscross.

18. Bongs and Pipes; Glass Water Pipes, Thick Custom Super Cool Smoking Glass Bowls

19. These quality Corncob pipes will last for many years like Briar pipes do

20. Bellowed Up-Pipes are what you need to cure those leaking stock up-pipes

21. Pipes of metal or metal alloys covered in plastic, Junctions of metal for pipes

22. Blow-out nozzles of metal, pipes and junctions for pipes for air-blast units

23. Pipes are cleaned out.

24. Briar pipes are the most common tobacco pipes for sale today, and for good reason

25. Astral Pipes is a pioneer of CPVC Pipes in India with 17 years of expertise

26. Stiffeners for pipes, conduits, tubes

27. Branching pipes, not of metal

28. Absorbent paper for tobacco pipes

29. Seamless Stainless Tubes and Pipes

30. Water flushed through the pipes.

31. The water pipes have frozen.

32. Curved angle pieces for pipes

33. The pipes had frozen up.

34. The pipes were cracked Circumferentially.

35. – Other tubes, pipes and hoses:

36. What about pipes and cigars?

37. Cupronickel 90-10 Pipes and Cupronickel 70-30 Pipes are most widely used in industries

38. Pipes and tubes of metal

39. The pipes are clogging up.

40. (adverb) The pipes were cracked Circumferentially.

41. Absorbent paper for tobacco and pipes

42. Just a hole for drainage pipes.

43. Subject: Standards on laying gas pipes

44. The pipes lead into the river.

45. There are laying down gas pipes.

46. Bubblers combine the best features of Water Pipes and Hand Pipes: powerful water filtration in a portable package

47. Vent valves along serpentine pipes hissed.

48. Bare pipes will freeze this winter.

49. Compressed air pipes (not of metal)

50. The gas escapes from the pipes.